Operations and technical

Operations sessions are for anyone on the technical side of the printing business, including pre-press operators, press operators, production managers, operations managers and IT professionals.

Transitioning from Offset to Digital to Cross Media Services –
Perils and Pitfalls for Operators (Part 2)
Neil Falconer, Print Future
The session will look at the day-to-day operational difficulties printers face in transitioning their business and balancing offset print, digital print and cross media services. You will learn how to meet daily production challenges with a more agile and flexible approach while remaining efficient.

Zen and the Art of Indigo Maintenance
Albert Paniello and Udi Vaks, HP and Dscoop member panel
Intended for business owners and production managers, this session will discuss ideas to increase operational efficiencies and operator motivation. You will learn tips on how to get the most out of your Indigo presses and gain access to new tools to achieve operational excellence.

PDF for Print and Beyond
Bart van Looy, Ghent Workgroup
The industry is constantly evolving and as workflow practices change, so do PDF file format issues and problems. This session will dive into current and future PDF standards for print delivery and beyond. Results from recent research regarding PDF/X-4 use and displaying PDFs on different displays will also be shared. You will walk away with a thorough understanding of PDFs from start to finish.

Solving the Puzzle of Automation Workflows
Dscoop member panel
You have the orders but how do you increase output at peak times without hiring more staff? Learn how to navigate the different workflow solutions available by dissecting special features, production environments and more. A panel of workflow experts will talk about how to optimize workflows, increase efficiency and avoid common pitfalls based on their own experiences.

How Intelligent Can a Press Get?
Arnon Cohen, HP and Eran Friedman, Ilan Print Ltd.
Learn how to use the new Indigo Print Care versions and Automatic Alert Agent to print more pages and increase print quality. Users will share how intelligent automation tools help them increase their press productivity and uptime. This session also applies to sign and display attendees.

Hands-On: Apply, Calibrate, and Fine Tune High Colours
Mark Lemmen and Gil Vered, HP
This session will all be about hands-on showing, explaining and discussing step-by-step how to properly calibrate and colour manage the HP Indigo press for high colour accuracy requirement. *Pre-Registration is required. Seats are limited.

*subject to change