Dscoop University Makes Its Debut!

Get ready to strengthen your business, sales and operational skills with courses that provide the tools to “break the mold” within your business. We’re proud to kick-off this exciting new member benefit at Dscoop9 with a number of educational pre-conference offerings for you and your staff on Thursday morning.

These Dscoop University courses are interactive, small group, three-hour workshops that focus on a specific topic and allow you to roll up your sleeves. These deep-dive courses address some of the top challenges we heard from you during the Global Listening Initiative. These courses will:

  • Expose you to revolutionary theories and concepts, specific to strengthening useable skills
  • Key in on specific learning objectives and ensure you are able to put them into practice
  • Showcase real life examples of how the learned concepts can apply to your business
  • Provide you with takeaway tools to bring back to your facility and share with colleagues

If you are registered for a Dscoop University course, please make travel arrangements to arrive in Orlando no later than Wednesday, March 5. Due to these small courses being very interactive, it is crucial that all attendees that are registered will be able to be present.

Dscoop University Courses at Dscoop9 



The Dscoop University courses listed as "SOLD OUT" are no longer accepting registrations. All other Dscoop9 educational sessions are open attendance.

If you would like to be added to the waitlist, please visit the Registration Desk during registration hours on Wednesday, March 5 and Thursday, March 6. After 7:50 a.m. on Thursday, March 6, no more waitlist sign-ups will be taken. Attendees on the waitlist must be present outside the session room when the session begins

Thursday, March 6
8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Win Profitable New Business: Get Results with A Proven & Practical System - SOLD OUT
ROOM: Miami 

There is no shortage of new business opportunities available for savvy printers… and you can win those opportunities at surprisingly high margins. But you can’t win them using traditional sales and marketing approaches.  Forrester research recently determined that only 15% of sales calls add enough value. And only 7% of the executives surveyed said they would schedule a follow-up conversation with the sales rep.  In this practical, step-by-step workshop, sales managers and owners will learn what is really working in today’s market and what you (and your team) can start doing as soon as you get back to your office. This proven system is currently used by leading Dscoop members.

How to Stop Buyers Choosing on Price -  SOLD OUT
ROOM: Osceola 6
Sometimes it feels like every conversation with your clients is about price. Do you really need to have the lowest price to win? By understanding why buyers often chose on price, this workshop will help you engage prospects and customers in conversations that revolve less around price.

Finding and Retaining the Right Sales People - SOLD OUT
ROOM: Naples

The sales team is your engine for organic growth. Without great sales people, your company might miss out on new business and loose existing work. On the other hand, carrying the cost of a new salesperson while they build their network and get up to speed can be a drain on profits. As a result, you only invest in a limited number of new salespeople each year to avoid damaging current profitability.  For many companies, this is a major barrier to growth. This session will share research and introduce a number of ways to dramatically reduce the time it takes for new salespeople to generate revenue.

Position Your Company for Success -
ROOM: Osceola Ballroom A
How you’re viewed by your customers, your peers and potential clients is a key factor in every business. The way you position your company can influence the type of work you get, your profitability, and the perception of your company in the marketplace. Positioning isn’t complex and it isn’t something only large companies can do. This workshop will walk you through how go to determine and build a unique positioning statement for your company, and help you understand how to reinforce that position in your marketplace.

Maximizing Production & Reducing Costs by Eliminating Wastes -
ROOM: Sun Ballroom D
If an activity on your shop floor consumes an employee’s time or effort but doesn’t add value to the work at hand, then that activity can be considered wasteful. Identifying and understanding these different wasteful activities and uncovering ways to eliminate them help optimize production and reduce costs. This session will show you how to put these theories into practice and give you a road map to implement within your organization. You will learn and practice how to use the basic tools to begin the "lean journey", including recognizing and overcoming the main pitfalls of the transformation process. 

Understanding Your Real Costs - SOLD OUT
ROOM: Osceola Ballroom B
Understanding the true costs of running your equipment can help you set production and capacity targets as well as give you a benchmark for key metrics. This workshop will walk you through the different methods for establishing accurate hourly and click rates and help you understand how to best utilize this information for better operations management.

Cash is King – Effectively Managing Your Cash Flow and Working Capital
ROOM: Sun Ballroom C 
Great companies can fail because they don’t understand the key differences between profits and free cash flow. An understanding and application of a cash flow management mindset is critical for all managers including those who do not have “finance” in their job title. This workshop will walk you through these concepts and engage you in a hands-on case study. At the conclusion of this session you will have the foundation and tools to generate healthy financial conversations within your business.

Talk the Talk - Holding Meaningful Conversations with Marketers -
ROOM: Tallahassee
You know your company can add more value to your client’s businesses, but you just don’t seem to be able to get the right people’s attention…and keep it. This session will give insight into the mind of a marketer (from the mouth of a marketer) and teach you how to change your conversation to hold more effective, meaningful discussions that result in stronger partnerships with your clients.


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