Partner Sessions

Thursday, March6

11:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

Design to Print to Cut / Improving Productivity and Making Higher Margin Products

Bill Hartman
Print Service Providers live in the design-to-print-to-cut value creation chain. As the market continues to demand more jobs with shorter run sizes and quicker turn-around, increasing end to end process productivity is essential to preserving margins. But being very efficient with low margin products is only part of a successful business model. Another critical strategic piece is to plan an evolution in your ability to produce products that deliver improved margins.

International Paper
Paper Properties and Runnability Tips for Indigo Printing

Rick Williams, MS Chemistry and James Kohler, Printing and Graphic Arts Expert
This presentation will discuss paper properties that will enhance Indigo Printing.  The discussion will include what paper properties are best for liquid ink adhesion, visual acuity, color and overall visual appearance. Our experts will also reveal tips for runnability on Indigo Presses including adjustments you can make for better performance for the differences in the presses.

New Business: Breakthrough in Digital Folding Carton Production

Marcus Tralau, CEO, KAMA GmbH; Ed Wiegand, EVP, The MATLET group
Osceola Ballroom A
The demand for short runs has reached the packaging market – and created new business for digital printing!  Get to know a pioneering solution for digital folding carton finishing, perfectly adapted to the needs of digital printers – covering the complete workflow and bringing new dimensions in terms of register accuracy, flexibility and profitability. Share the insights of the first pioneer(s) in America and hear about how to enter this promising market successfully.

How to Use Marketing Automation to Seamlessly Integrate Print into Digital Marketing Campaigns

Joe Manos, Executive Vice President at MindFire and Gershon Alon, Workflow Solutions Manager at HP Indigo (TBC)
Osceola Ballroom B
Marketing campaigns that effectively integrate print with online channels are in high demand. We will show you how you can use marketing automation technology to generate high-profit recurring print revenue by making direct mail an integral part of your customers’ marketing campaign workflow. Join us for this free educational session and learn how to: 1) Find customers that benefit from marketing automation, and sell them more profitable services. 2) Increase your print revenue by innovative use of direct mail in conjunction with email, text, voice, social and web channels. 3) Create a predictable recurring revenue stream by offering “ongoing” lead generation and lead nurturing campaigns. We will showcase several real-world examples of effective marketing campaigns that your customers need today. You’ll learn all you need to know on how to start growing your revenue with marketing automation.
Printing, Making and the Emerging Culture of Craft

Chris Harrold, VP, business Development & Creative Director
As powerful a tool as the internet has become, there is new interest in print as a high-impact compliment to the web. Using the Mohawk Maker campaign we will explore the real economic impact of a growing culture of craft and how you can take full advantage as a true craftsperson to sell the high value print.

Rollem International
Open New Markets with Label and Packaging Die Cutting

Doug Sherwood, Larry Corwin, Kevin Corwin
Sun Ballroom C
Gain market share in the growing label and packaging market with a new class of sheet fed flexo magnetic die cutting technology.  Add new revenue streams with in-house finishing of customized labels, boxes, tags, tickets, presentation folders, customized stickers, and shaped cards.  Stop outsourcing and bring die-cutting and kiss cutting technology in-house.

1:15 p.m. - 2:15 pm

C.P. Bourg
Efficient In-Line Finishing: Like Printing Money, but Legal.
James Tressler, C.P. Bourg and Scott Dubois, pidalia
As the digital printing evolution continues, more opportunities exist to create exciting applications and capture profit. The advent of in-line finishing for the HP Indigo press creates never before seen efficiencies that show very quick ROI. In this session we will explore specific applications and offer ideas for print-service-providers to seize larger market-share and create deeper relationships with their clients. Join Jim Tressler from C.P. Bourg and Scott Dubois from pidalia for this interactive presentation and open forum.

DirectSmile GmbH
Who Profits from the Death of Mass Communication?
Christoph Clermont, DirectSmile
From publishers to agencies and corporates - the entire marketing industry is undergoing a fundamental shift. Measurability is the number one goal in marketing today. Quality lead generation is almost equally important for marketing executives. Both challenges are hard to meet for classic advertising, while at the same time they have always been basic principles of direct marketing. Learn about the winners and losers and the big opportunities for print businesses.

Duplo USA Corporation
Finishing Automation – Maximizing Profits and Minimizing Labor
Alan McLean, Regional Sales Director at Duplo USA
Sun Ballroom D
Learn how automated finishing can help you maximize the output of your HP press and instantly minimize labor and training costs all while increasing the efficiency of your operation. During this presentation, Alan will touch on some of Duplo’s most popular solutions that have proven to shorten turnaround times, reduce downtimes and increase profitability. BONUS: Arrive within the first 10 minutes and enter to win free gifts. Don’t miss out!

GPA, Specialty Substrate Solutions
Working Across Generations
Brad Karsh, JB Training Solutions
Osceola Ballroom B
Join GPA for a dynamic session that takes the guesswork out of working across the generations and offers tactical advice to best work with your multigenerational team.    For the first time ever, four generations inhabit the same workplace. Millennial interns and new hires are working side-by-side Traditionalists, and independent Generation Xers are clashing with team-oriented Boomers. An astounding 60 percent of employers say their workplaces suffer from tension among the generations. With employee engagement at the forefront of every business, understanding how to work with each generation is integral to engaging and retaining every employee.    The group will brainstorm the defining moments, TV shows, musical tastes, trends and social issues for each generation as a way to develop an understanding of the assets, liabilities, communication preferences and top motivators for each group. Participants will discover specific new ways to work with each generation to keep teams engaged and highly productive.

NewPage Corporation
Interactive & Digital Print - The Art of the Possible
Michelle Garrett, Digital Business Sales Manager
Sun Ballroom C
Join Michelle Garrett from NewPage and guest speaker Chris Froeter with the Froeter Design Company as they walk through the world of interactive and digital print. After all, print and paper is the original interactive communication medium. And it keeps getting better, finding new ways to connect, not just to your audience, but also to other media. Printed communication is more vital than ever. It’s vibrant, highly effective, reaching millions and selling billions.

What is G7 and How Can It Increase My Income?
Jason Darrah, Training and Applications Specialist, PriscoDigital
Osceola Ballroom A
G7® is an ANSI/CGATS specification for achieving gray balance and is an important tool to obtain visual similarity across all print processes. Achieving certification will make a positive impact on your business. Join print production managers, plant QC mangers and print professionals in an interesting session on G7 benefits, technical specifications and steps to certification.

Being Outstanding with Scodix SENSE™
Amit Shvartz
Don’t just Stand Out with the Scodix SENSE™, Jump Out!  Technique, technology and real-world customer stories collide to provide insights into the future of digital print enhancements and to highlight what our current global Scodix users have already experienced.  Let their successes inspire you and help you add value and increase profits for your business.  Join us for a session that showcases the most profitable digital enhancement applications for increasing your revenue. Take your HP Indigo prints to the next level with the SENSEational digital print differentiation tool from Scodix.   Come learn how to step up and stand out in an environment where being outstanding means everything.




Friday, March 7

1:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Delta Industrial Services Inc.
Increase Productivity with Fast Semi-Rotary Finishing
Jason Newville, Sr. Design Engineer
Solutions Showcase, Booth 903
The Delta Spectrum® Finishing System addresses the label industries need for better roll handling, efficiency and speed. This system features semi-rotary converting and can process materials at a web speed of up to 290 fpm, depending on material and part specifications. This session will provide a front to end demonstration of the system while discussing the productivity possibilities. It will also discuss some of the features and benefits which can help label printers minimize material waste.

Horizon International
The New Business Of Finishing – Solutions For The HP Indigo 10000 B2 Digital Press
Bob Flinn
Session will overview the unique finishing requirements for cut-sheet digital printing and explain why the traditional bindery model is no longer sufficient.  State-of-the-art digital finishing let’s PSP’s adjust their business view of the bindery as a cost center, to a cost per finished document model that relies on super-efficient workflows, ultra-fast turnarounds and lower cost per job.



Five Reasons You Should be Priming In-House
Tom Hauenstein
Sun Ballroom A
We will go over the compelling reasons why anyone with an HP Indigo should consider priming their own substrates in house.

Magnum Magnetics
Produce Real Profits That Stick!
Ritch LeFevre
In this session you will learn how offering printed magnets introduces new revenue streams to your business and can streamline your process for maximum profitability. We'll show you which products are best suited for HP presses and show you why customers buy and use magnets.

Digital Printing for Packaging: Applications That We Can Make Work
Jan Denies
Osceola Ballroom B
With the Indigo 20000 and Indigo 30000 presses coming to the market, digital printing is moving into new applications: flexible packaging and folding carton. In the packaging world, printing is only a small piece of the total end product. Compared to established analogue workflows, the new challenges for digital printing are: reverse printing, lamination and curing times, thermal and water resistance and many more. Which applications are within reach today and what are the traps to watch out for? Michelman has developed new primers specific for these applications and will teach you how to win in this new world.

Neenah Paper
Neenah Digital - Imagine the Possibilities
Ross Van Burkleo
Sun Ballroom C
Learn about Neenah's unique and inspiring digital paper portfolio. See digital print solutions for packaging & label, direct mail and all printing projects where quality matters.

Feed Your Press with a Good Dose of C2P and Marketing
Jenna Walker, Artifact Uprising, and Stephen Thorpe, Pixfizz
Sun Ballroom A
Besides having an effective platform, it’s essential to invest wisely in marketing to ensure a steady stream of orders. The explosion of photos taken with smartphones and tablets coupled with that of the internet and social media, present huge opportunities for printed photo applications…if done properly. Discover how Artifact Uprising, a Denver-based online photo gifts company has grown their business on the backbone of this formula + a lot of creativity…the kind that sells.

Tekra, A Division of EIS, Inc.
Expanding Your Digital Printing Opportunities - Break the Mold with Innovative Films & Adhesives for HP Indigo & Inkjet
John Steinke - Market Development Manager - Digital
Just as digital printing continues to revolutionize the printing industry, so to do the new specialty films and adhesives designed for digital printing.  Come learn about new and unique films and adhesives for HP Indigo and UV Inkjet printers, the applications they are being used for, and “Break the Mold” on the markets your company can serve.


1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.

AB Graphic International
Reducing Costs with Digital Finishing Solutions
Tim Staples, Jay Baker: AB Graphic International Inc
Solutions Showcase, Booth 813
During this presentation, Tim and Jay who have extensive backgrounds in both the digital print and converting industries will give insight about finishing and converting your printed materials to maximize profits while minimizing downtime. Also covered in this session will be techniques for enhancing the digital web, adding value to your printed product with your current capabilities and an insight into options available to expand for more value added processes.

AB Graphic will have an Omega Digicon Series 2 and an Omega RTS1300 Sheeter onsite so attendees can see first-hand the potential of applications they can apply to digitally printed webs and compare real life scenarios on the floor during this 3 day event. The AB Graphic team will be also be around for one on one discussions about digital converting and how to enhance your capabilities in the digital converting world.

Saturday, March 8

1:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.

ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants
Global Needs Require Global Solutions
Kurt D. Hudson - Global Director Digital Printing
Sun Ballroom D
Multi-national organizations require solution continuity.  The great global brands provide to their customers identical quality, physical presentation and performance regardless of location.  If one measure of operational excellence is indeed an ultra-level of consistency, how can global or regional printers attain this lofty goal?  Application solutions are now available at a global level allowing HP Indigo users the ability to demonstrate and provide those consistency guarantees to their customers and brand owners.

Masterpiece Graphix
Print Isn’t Dying…But the Same Old Print Is!
Doug Watson
Masterpiece Graphix presents the latest in substrates that bring a "wow" factor to your applications!  Learn about what substrates are making a big impact and learn about our newest substrate, wood you can print on!

MWV (MeadWestvaco)
Changing the Conversation with Clients
Steve Anderson, Vice President, Marketing Commercial Print MWV
Osceola Ballroom A
You spend hours preparing for a customer meeting. You build a compelling story for why they should consider your company for their printing needs. However, the conversation quickly evolves into one about price and only price. Sound familiar? This presentation will focus on new consumer insights and field tested market results (that showed a 38 percent increase in direct mail response because of one small change) that will demonstrate how to change the conversation to "value provided" vs. price. Come join the conversation and change your customer conversation.

PressWise by SmartSoft
Breaking the Mold: Print MIS for a Digital World   
Eric Wold, Vice President, PressWise by SmartSoft
"Do you run an MIS or does it run you? Is it a good fit for your growing digital business?   Most MIS were designed with a different workflow in mind - one that made sense at the time - but the growth of digital printing has created the need for a different set of features:      
  • Tools that embrace an end-to-end workflow, from order entry to shipping, not just an endless battery of reports 
  • Automation features to minimize touches and lower production costs 
  • Instant accessibility from any browser-based device 

This session is presented by PressWise from SmartSoft, an MIS designed with a digital workflow in mind. See why so many Indigo customers now use this cloud-based management system that reinvented the concept of MIS for digital print production.

Sappi Fine Paper North America
Act Now!
Trish Witkowski
In this power-packed direct mail session you'll see how one of the oldest ways to reach customers is also the most powerful. Learn how this tangible and far-reaching marketing tool goes hand-in-hand with reach, value, and creditability; how tweets and tags have nothing on the proven return of direct mail no matter the age of the audience; and how direct mail brings in $12 for every $1 spent--now that's a return to sender. Attendees will also receive Sappi's coveted Act Now! book.

Spiral James Burn
How to Increase Revenue for Today’s Printer with Automated Finishing
Bob Cooke, General Manager, Spiral James Burn
Sun Ballroom C
This session will showcase an area of increased revenue for today’s printers with opportunities in print finishing, specifically focused on automated punching and binding.  We will highlight markets with potential for increased sales and what to expect on a return on investment with increased productivity and labor cost reduction. We will discuss options available to speed production of plastic coil and Wire-O binding, which are today's most popular binding options.

Standard Finishing Systems
The New Business Of Finishing - Solutions For Today’s Cut Sheet and Continuous Feed Digital Print Engines
Mark Hunt
Osceola Ballroom B
Session will overview the unique finishing requirements for continuous feed digital printing and explain why the traditional bindery model is no longer sufficient.  State-of-the-art digital finishing let’s PSP’s adjust their business view of the bindery as a cost center, to a cost per finished document model that relies on super-efficient workflows, ultra-fast turnarounds and lower cost per job.