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    As our industry evolves and business challenges arise, you now have a trusted resource to turn to for best-in-class training, content and education.

    Dscoop University, available exclusively to Dscoop members, provides industry-leading, personalized education focused on supporting your business strategy and accelerating your growth. Curriculum is tailored for specific job functions within your company—business owners, sales and marketing professionals and operations and production team members.

    With continual input from Dscoop members helping to shape our ever-expanding curriculum--and instructional expertise from forward-thinking industry leaders--you can be sure that your time spent at Dscoop University will be highly beneficial and applicable to your professional role.  

    Dscoop University offers education to suit any learning style! Webinars, on-demand and live online courses, in-person workshops and downloadable resources provide you with a variety of ways to increase your knowledge.

    sales-marketing-2.jpgFor Business Owners & Executives

    Business management information and tools to support your organization

    • Company positioning
    • Organizational strategy
    • Finance
    • Leadership & management

    operations-2.jpgFor Sales & Marketing Professionals

    Sales and marketing education focused on increasing your top line

    • Develop digital selling skills
    • Increase selling effectiveness
    • Sales team management
    • Strategies for sales growth

    business-management-2.jpgFor Operations & Production Team Members:

    Operations and technical offerings geared to improve your efficiency

    • Digital prepress, press, & logistics
    • Production management
    • Customer service
    • Technology




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