Take Risks to be an Innovator


Risk-taking has brought David Bennett and his company, Bennett Graphics, to a new level in production.

“We try things that are technically out-of-bounds, but things we know might work,” he said. “It gives us an advantage in producing a piece that nobody else has produced before.”

One such piece is raised print."

“What our client wanted was raised print in variable data and supposedly it had never been done before. Through experimenting, we were able to come up with a process to do that and produce a piece that the client really liked, a very unique piece that we were only able to produce at the time.”

David Bennett.jpg“We try to not concentrate on production any more. We try to concentrate on what would be good for the customer. We look at special techniques and say, ‘This is the way it’s always been done, but what if we did this or what if we did it this way?’”

According to Bennett, the best takeaway from a Dscoop conference is meeting the Partners and other industry insiders.

“It’s developing relationships with people that I can pick up the phone and talk to. It’s more of a relationship-building opportunity for me.”

Bennett usually sends four staff members, including himself, his VP of operations, the VP of sales and the year’s top salesperson. They all enjoy the exchanges of ideas.

“We want to learn what innovative things other companies are doing and how we can incorporate the same ideas in our company, because we tend to live in our own little world, on our little island.”

At Dscoop, he said, they listen to success stories and the challenges.  “We come back to our organization and try to apply the same things.”

His company has found success, Bennett said, by being relationship-focused, figuring out their customers’ challenges and being part of the solution.

“My best advice is not to be production or technically focused, but to dig deeper and find out what’s going on with your surroundings and your clients.”

"Be where your customers are," he adds.

“Being in organizations and events (is important) so we can hear what’s happening with our customers and try to figure how we can apply that information to the services we offer.”

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