Getting Answers When You Need Them

Ed Geskus has discovered his own special niche with the HP Indigo 7600. 

“We go to schools and take kids’ pictures and print picture packages — the ones you send to grandma and grandpa in Christmas cards and kids trade with each other. That’s what our specialty is.”

His company, Geskus Photography, with facilities in Grand Rapids, Mich., and Seabrook, N.H., has created a new market with a product that allows the school photos to be packaged in a book, instead of placing the sheets in a paper envelope.

“It saves us on the packaging. It protects the product better,” he said.ed-web.jpg

“The world of printing ... it’s unlimited. You just have to have the imagination and go do it. There is just so much that can be done.”

Geskus notes that Dscoop gives him opportunities to develop partnerships with suppliers, but it’s his press operator who finds Dscoop’s knowledge base invaluable.

“The press operator goes online whenever we’ve had a problem with printing or color. We’ve always gotten a quick response from other people who have had issues with that.”

The Dscoop network has helped with technical information too. 

“If there’s an issue, a banding issue or a quality issue, we can get good answers from the Dscoop online. Other people have had this problem already and (tell us), ‘This is how you fix it.’ We can get the information and fix it ourselves and keep the presses up and running.”

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