If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It

With big-name clients such as Nike, Levi’s, Starbucks and Estée Lauder, Moti Digital is a contender as the top digital design and printing firm in Mexico.

Owner Alberto Garcia says the company’s mission is to make whatever the client can imagine.

“What gave us our fame is that we do whatever. If you want a huge Nike shoe made out of wood and acrylic and wrapped in a graphic, we can build the whole thing.”

His staff of 170 in Monterrey, Guadalajara, Mexico City and other parts of Mexico, includes in-halberto_web.jpgouse carpenters, acrylic artists, iron forgers, as well as printers using HP Indigo technology. All who are members of Dscoop and take advantage of online forums, webinars and more to stay current.

Moti Digital prints all of the marketing materials for 450 Starbucks stores in Mexico. It also creates point-of-purchase, storefront, window and exhibit displays, working in a variety of media. As example, Garcia said, they built for Nike a giant, lighted shoe sole to hang from the ceiling.

“We just won a global initiative (for another Nike piece),” Garcia said. The display, for Nike’s latest soccer cleats, had a huge cobra face in front of mirrors.

Another client, an artist, wanted a creative way to display her work.

“We made a huge exhibit with hidden wheels. They were in modules so you can form any shape you want. They had lighted signs with graphics and the brand. It was pretty cool.”

He emphasizes thinking outside of the box.

“If I’m seeing this, then what am I not seeing? What could be here that is not here? Then find the technology that suits your needs.”

He also looks to Dscoop for support for ways to break the mold

“When we bought our software and we started our digital store, we got really cool tips. And now we make it a point to attend the Dscoop conference every year to hear what's the latest from others in the industry.”

Garcia said the Indigo 10000 seems to be the future of his industry, and he predicts it will take over the traditional offset printing.

“I think the first to take advantage of that will be rewarded.”

Garcia is excited to attend Dscoop9 to see the latest technology, HP equipment and hear the newest trends. 

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