Tell Your Story Sales Program

You have a powerful story to tell. And so do your customers.
Are you telling it?

This program, developed by HP, is filled with proven tools that have been tried and tested by their customers around the world. It will help you introduce your customers to the benefits of using HP digital printing to more powerfully tell their brand story. Use this turnkey program to plan, execute and follow-up on a highly effective in-person customer event. The program includes four easy-to-follow guides that give you a clear roadmap to executing a 12-week step-by-step program of marketing and sales activities — everything you need to move from the planning stage through sales conversion and lead tracking.

What's included?

The Tell Your Story Sales Premium kit includes a comprehensive set of sales and marketing tools and best practices that will enable you to do just that. Step-by-step actionable guides and files containing marketing assets will help you conduct marketing and sales activities that will generate qualified leads and will walk you through the process of following up with those leads.

Gain access to a powerful set of 100+ digital assets that will save you hundreds of hours of work. A few examples of assets included in the Premium Kit that make implementing the program simple are:

  • Pre-formatted trackers
  • Talk tracks
  • A customizable 12-week marketing campaign
  • Email templates
  • Printed copies of all four guides
  • Print-outs of all program components

Use the digital and printed assets to easily sit down with your sales and marketing team to plan how to implement the program for your business.

All Dscoop members have access to the Roadmap which includes the low resolution .pdfs of Guides 1-4. To access the Asset Files, you must purchase the Premium Kit.

Making the most of Tell Your Story

Dscoop University on-demand courses included in the Premium Kit that will help you learn how to make the most of the program. Go to Dscoop University and search "Tell Your Story" to access the on-demand courses for all four guides.

Connect with other Dscoop members using the Tell Your Story Program

The Dscoop Forums provide you with the opportunity to share best practices, answer questions and learn from other members who are using the Tell Your Story Sales kit.

Members have had huge success

“The kit made it very easy for me to wrap this whole thing up – being able to take the files, customize them and create the materials from at the event, pre-event, and post-event. A general guide of how to do an event like this – there were a lot of things that I wouldn’t have thought of.” Read more... –Todd Pauly, Vice President – Marketing, Graphic Arts Studio

“As a small business, if I had done this event myself, it wouldn’t have been as polished. The Premium Kit thinks of everything that needs to be thought of, and quite frankly, it saved me a lot of time and money from having to think of and develop everything myself – weeks of time.” Read more... –Howard Owen, Owner, Stafford Printing

“We received thousands of dollars of new business that I know we wouldn’t have had if we didn’t carry out this marketing campaign and event. The Tell Your Story Sales Program is definitely well worth the time and effort invested.” Read more... –Brian Scott, Vice President, Blooming Color, Inc.


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"Multi-channel marketing works, especially for events, and following the Tell Your Story Program provides a straight-forward roadmap with all the components for success."

—Jack Glacken, TGI, Founding Dscoop Member

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