Benefits of Dscoop Membership

You are a dynamic business owner. A razor-sharp sales & marketing professional. A press operator looking for tips and solutions. An operations manager looking to do more with less. And you are looking for ways to grow your business, increase revenue and improve productivity.

Your membership gives you access to a variety of Dscoop benefits. These benefits are backed by the collective strength of over 8,000 members worldwide. By using just one or two of the benefits, many members save more than the cost of their annual dues.

  • Exclusive access to attend the Dscoop annual conference, the preeminent event in the digital printing industry for learning the newest trends, hearing the latest education and connecting with fellow HP Graphic Arts users.
  • Access to Dscoop University, a community-driven portal that offers information, training and education tools that address Dscoop members' business challenges.
  • Dscoop Quarterly, a printed publication that features educational articles and innovative ideas to keep you ahead of the curve
  • Complete access to the Dscoop website, Key content areas include:
    • 24/7 online discussion forums to help operators increase efficiency and solve problems in just hours
    • Educational content and recordings from past annual conferences
  • Listing in the Dscoop Print Directory, a public directory connecting print generators to qualified HP Indigo digital printers and peers to drive new business
  • Signature Sample Series, which showcases the latest in HP digital printing technology so you can provide your customers with new options and educate them about your capabilities
  • Access to the Designer Tutorial, which consists of four inserts - each showcasing HP Indigo special capabilities and providing a step-by-step guide to set up design files for each effect
  • A collective voice to HP Graphic Arts that influences future products and go-to-market strategies

One company membership, multiple employees.

Dscoop membership allows all the employees from your company to have access to the Dscoop website and all the free membership benefits. To take full advantage of all that Dscoop has to offer, make sure members in your organization have an updated profile to guarantee they are getting the latest information to help themselves and your business grow!

 Business Building Tools

Go above and beyond relationship maintenance and lead your clients into success. Dscoop creates and collects highly relevant content to provide members with marketing materials they can print, email, blog and share on social media all year long. Prove to your customers that their success is your success.

 Continuing Education

Dscoop shares global resources by finding industry thought leaders and specialists to share their insight with you. This enables you to discover new ways to operate more efficiently, improve your bottom line, grow your business and fast track project development by learning from others who have done it.

 Networking Benefits

Your customers can be spread around the world and are often challenged with finding reliable partners in a global market. By joining Dscoop, you have the ability to connect to other members and print buyers online, and learn from them at regional and local events. No other organization provides a network of thousands of member worldwide that are focused on the same business: high-quality printing on HP Graphic Arts equipment.