Sales and Marketing

SM.PNGThis track includes topics related to selling and promoting your company’s products and services. Sessions are focused on developing sales and marketing skills, understanding the printing marketplace and obtaining best practices from other sales executives to drive growth and business development opportunities.


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Friday, March 6th

10:15am - 11:15am

Critical Steps for Creating Mail That Performs

Trish Witkowski,
BUSINESS FOCUS: Commercial Print, Ink Jet Publishing/Direct Mail

In this session, you will learn about the process of creating mail that performs — from strategy to format choice to analysis. Trish will dive into her world-famous sample library to show some of the most engaging and effective real-world direct mail solutions in print, and share high-impact engagement strategies, tips and techniques that will get more bang for the mailing buck on any budget.

Room: Maryland 5/6


The New Revolution in Print: When Paper Comes to Life - available for download

Bob Taylor, HP
BUSINESS FOCUS: Photo, Commercial Print

The power of the photo-capable smartphone in our hand, along with the worldwide explosive growth in social networks, has changed consumer behavior practically overnight. Today’s Facebook generation demands a yearbook that contains their own photos and memories captured along the way. Only digital printing can give that level of personalization to the yearbook. Learn how to reinvent a school tradition

Room: Maryland D



1:30pm - 2:30pm

How Did Coca-Cola Do That?

 Hadar Peled-Vaissman, HP; Yoav Lotan, HP
BUSINESS FOCUS: Packaging, Ink Jet Publishing/Direct Mail, Commercial Print

We tend to think that personalization is complex. Whereas variable data has gone mainstream, we are just scratching the surface of what design-driven variable data. But can you make thousands, hundreds of thousands, and millions of bottles, magazines & specialty products, each of them unique, AUTOMATICALLY?  Yes. And it's changing how brands interact with consumers today.

Room: Maryland B


The Latest Tools for Hiring and Managing a Great Sales Team - available for download
Bob Scherer, Scherer Solutions
BUSINESS FOCUS: Commercial Print, Inkjet Publishing/Direct Mail, Packaging, Sign and Display

Buyers are getting harder to meet and the cost of sales reps in the field continues to increase. You need to know you have the best people, with the right skills and tools to grow sales. As a founding partner and key sales driver behind CL&D Digital, Bob has a unique insight into what is required to drive a digital printing business. During this session, he will be sharing the tools to use to hire and manage a sales force including online portals and smartphone apps.

Room:  Potomac 1/2


Opportunity Box! - available for download
Tom Wittenberg, HP
BUSINESS FOCUS: Commercial Print, Sign and Display

Looking for ways to expand your business and profits in unique ways? Think beyond the box. Learn how to use HP Scitex printers and presses beyond standard signage for corrugated packaging applications, displays, and prototyping. A simple, easy way to expand your existing
offering to existing customers or expand into new markets! This is an opportunity to get new ideas and find out how to increase your margins with existing or new capabilities.

Room:  Maryland D



3:00pm - 4:00pm

Expand Your Business with the Production of Multi-Sized Canvases - available for download

Roman Barba, HP;  Timothy Mitchell, HP
BUSINESS FOCUS: Commercial Printers, Sign and Display

Are you seeking areas of growth?  Segments with higher margins? The production of standard and grand format canvases will help you expand or extend your business into a higher-margin application.  HP's solution includes Canvas prints on HP Indigo 7800,   HP Latex Printing Technology and end-to-end finishing partners, including cutting and stretching.  Learn for yourself the variety of opportunities behind HP canvases solution. Yes you can (vas)!

Room: Maryland D


How to Become the Single Source Supplier for Key Clients - available for download
Linda Bishop, Thought Transformation
BUSINESS FOCUS: Commercial Print, Ink Jet Publishing/Direct Mail, Photo, Sign and Display

Stop competing on transactional work in your key accounts. You can make the move from vendor to the single source partner with the right plan. In this session, Thought Transformation will share its strategy for increasing your value and eliminating competitors.

Room: Maryland 1/2



4:30pm - 5:30pm

Delivering Next Generation Consumer Engagement Solutions Through Augmented Reality - available for download
Amanda Bass, Communicorp
BUSINESS FOCUS: Commercial Print, Ink Jet Publishing/Direct Mail

Emerging technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) have started to infiltrate the world of
marketing to enhance consumer engagement, improve ROI, and more importantly, drive sales. In order to effectively leverage AR, companies must have a plan, along with a strategic approach, for fully transitioning their current marketing program to a highly-interactive and engaging experience for customers. Learn strategic approaches and business implications to consider for incorporating AR as a viable solution in this session.

Room: Maryland C


Imagine the Packaging Possibilities-- Powered by Trends and Technology - available for download
Mike Ferrari, Ferrari Innovaion Solutions, lls; John Foley, InterlinkOne 

Smart marketing begins with a plan incorporating multiple channels, inbound marketing strategies, and effective campaigns. When it comes to reaching the mobile audience, understanding best practices for QR Codes, NFC and Augmented Reality in labels and packaging is crucial. This session will demonstrate how to integrate online, mobile, and social marketing into the label or packaging marketing strategy that you currently have or are building using best-in-class case studies and industry knowledge.

Room: Potomac 1/2




Saturday, March 7th

8:30am - 10:00am

Tell Your Story Workshop
Doris Brown-McNally and Stephanie Hill, HP
BUSINESS FOCUS: Commercial Print

This workshop is designed to assist those who have received the Tell Your Story Sales kit. A detailed walk-through of the TYS kit's guides and assets that will familiarize owners and PSP marketing managers with the kit contents and help you to maximize the Tell Your Story Sales kit. We will provide examples from past events, as well as tip and tricks from the best marketers.

Registration is limited to those who have already purchased the kit- Please come prepared to participate in this interactive workshop, and to share ideas for planning an event as well as tips for engaging your staff and delighting your customers.

If you are interested in attending this session, pre-registration is required.  Please e-mail if you would like to register.

Room: Maryland 4


9:00am - 10:00am

Factors in Setting Up Photo Production: Surviving and Thriving in the Transition to Digital Photo Production
Moderator Christopher Curtis; Panelists Steve Mullaly, Rolland; Bill Strain, United Color Labs; Elias Jo, Entourage Yearbooks; Randy Bice, Jostens
BUSINESS FOCUS: Photo, Commercial Print

See how digital printing helped transform and expand the business of school photos with the unique value proposition of producing press products.

Room: Maryland C


High-Speed Inkjet for Commercial Print Applications
David Murphy, HP
BUSINESS FOCUS: Commercial Print, Ink Jet Publishing/Direct Mail

Is your commercial printing business ready to make the move to highspeed roll-to-roll inkjet? Do you have the volume, application focus, and client/market requirements to grow with and profit from production inkjet? This session will provide an overview of the opportunities and capabilities required so you can better understand inkjet’s fit.

Room: Maryland 4


Interactive Marketing in Print

Denis Leftakis, Imprimerie Pub Cité
BUSINESS FOCUS: Commercial Print, Ink Jet Publishing/Direct Mail

As print providers, how can we integrate interactive marketing tools and services to our service offerings? Change the perspective of selling a print piece into selling an added-value piece that will generate more leads.

Room: Maryland 3


Lead Generation Drives Growth, Sales People Fulfill It
Jennifer Matt, Web2Print Experts; Valerie DiCarlo, Web2Print Experts
BUSINESS FOCUS: Sales, Social Media, E-Commerce, Website

Every Dscoop member wants sustainable sales growth. Hoping you get lucky and hire the perfect rainmaker isn’t a plan. In fact, hiring more sales people doesn’t work. The only way to create sustainable sales growth is to build a system that consistently generates quality leads for your sales team to close. In this session we teach you how to create a modern lead generation system which leverages inbound marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) “getting found online”, and CRM systems to track both the quality and the quantity of your leads.

Room: Maryland A




10:30am - 11:30am

How to Monetize the Explosion of Imaging
Moderated by Hans Hartman, Suite48 Analytics; Panelists Benjamin Lamparter, Snapfish; Dianne Moralee, Taopix; Yao Sherwood, tapsBook
BUSINESS FOCUS: Photo, Commercial Print

100 billion photos are captured every day on mobile devices with massive amount of photos uploaded on various social media platforms. You will learn how to leverage mobile and social media platforms and connect to consumers to grow your business and profitability.

Room: Maryland C



The X Factor - The Winning Applications of HP Indigo Customers Around the World
Carmit Poleg, HP
BUSINESS FOCUS: Commercial Print

It’s all about applications and real customer samples. In this fast-paced session, HP’s Carmit Poleg will take us through a collection of high value applications from HP Indigo customers worldwide including some unique customer testimonials  — all from recent months. From the clever use of format to unique substrates and special inks, these product ideas and tips will make your customer’s business stand out.

Room: Maryland 4