Business Management

BM.PNGThis track is focused on making sure the business manager walks away with best practices and tangible ways to improve his or her business. The sessions will target different areas of the printing business, but they all will focus on new ideas and strategies dedicated to business success. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear topics that focus on the areas that challenge their business the most.

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Thursday, March 5th

10:00am - 11:00am

Interactive Marketing in Print

Denis Leftakis, Imprimerie Pub Cité
BUSINESS FOCUS: Commercial Print, Ink Jet Publishing/Direct Mail

As print providers, how can we integrate interactive marketing tools and services to our service offerings? Change the perspective of selling a print piece into selling an added-value piece that will generate more leads.

Room: Maryland C

Rethinking Your Sustainability Marketing Strategy

David Gens, RPI Print
BUSINESS FOCUS: Photo, Ink Jet Publishing, Direct Mail, Financial Management, Commercial Print

It’s time to get back to basics. The fundamentals of marketing and your value proposition to customers should not go out the window when sustainability is brought into the marketing topics. Dave Gens, vice president at RPI and chair-elect of the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership brings his experiences in building a sustainable business and value proposition to his customers. In addition there will case studies and  and testimonials from companies who have strong sustainability messages.

Room: Maryland A


Friday, March 6th

10:15am - 11:15am

Good, Better, Best. How Does Your Company Rank?
Mike Duggal, Duggal Visual Solutions; Barb Pellow, InfoTrends
BUSINESS FOCUS: Commercial Print, Financial Management, Packaging, Sign and Display

Learn how your company is performing versus similar Dscoop companies in terms of financial performance, benchmark profitability, sales per machine, and commission rates to name a few. InfoTrends will also update you on the latest results of their global surveys to help identify market opportunities, customer needs, and trends. Note: attendance requires completing a pre-conference survey. 

Room: Maryland B


Students are the Next Generation
Cathy Skoglund, Arizona State University and students Ashley Yost and Justin Santa Maria; Eric Weisenmiller, Clemson University and students Kendall Seagroves and Elizabeth Reed
BUSINESS FOCUS: Commercial Print, Ink Jet Publishing/Direct Mail, Packaging, Sign and Display

This session enables an open dialogue among professors, university professionals, students and Dscoop members on the future generation of the industry and how they will assimilate into the workforce. This session will also dive into how Dscoop will be the catalyst for students and the industry.

Room: Maryland C


What Your Digital Print Customer Is Really Looking For
Bryce Schieving, O.C. Tanner Company
BUSINESS FOCUS: Commercial Print

From a true customer perspective, this session will focus on relationship attributes and partner capabilities that grew one Dscoop member’s digital partnerships from 1 to 4 managed relationships. Come learn what a company who prints 20 million variable pages annually was
looking for in a true partnership.

Room: Maryland A



1:30pm - 2:30pm

One System to Rule Them All - available for download
Bob Raus, HP; Mike Byrne, Fulfillment America; Celina McMahon, Bridgeport National Bindery; James Handler, Primary Color
 Commercial Print

Learn how Dscoop members are automating print production from prepress through shipping on press combinations from HP Indigo, HP Scitex, HP Inkjet Color Web Press, non-HP digital, and conventional analog processes with HP SmartStream Production Center.  

Room: Maryland 3


Leveraging Emerging Technologies: Use Cases
Moderated by Barb Pellow, Infotrends; Denis Leftakis, Imprimerie Pub Cite; Gary Peeling, Precision Printing, Mark Subers, Napco
 Sign and Display, Packaging, Financial Management, Commercial Print

There have never been more communication options with which to engage customers. Marketers are scrambling to determine the most effective media channels to drive the customer experience forward. Print can play a vital role in today’s multi-channel world. Print service providers that understand the technologies available to make print interactive will be in the best position to guide marketers in integrating online media with print to enable a cohesive and unified marketing tool. This interactive workshop will provide insight from agencies, DSCOOP members and technology partners to give a broad perspective on how to be a strategic partner in making print interactive.

Room: Maryland C

The Reinvention of Print: It’s Personal, Permanent, Powerful, and Profitable
Rick Bellamy, RPI
BUSINESS FOCUS: Photo, Commercial Print, Inkjet Publishing/ Direct Mail 

Print’s not dead. RPI CEO Rick Bellamy demonstrates how brand marketers and PSPs alike can tap the business opportunity behind the unique and powerful ability of print to make real connections with consumers. 

Room: Maryland A


ROI is Your Tool to Show the Value You Offer — But It Is More Than Telling Them theResponse Rate! - available for download
John Leininger, Clemson University
BUSINESS FOCUS: Commercial Print, Ink Jet Publishing/Direct Mail

When you are working with crossmedia campaigns, you need to report the benefits from each element of the campaign. Attend this session to find out how to track the ROI of your direct mail efforts through statistically sound methods that demonstrate accountability, amplify the ad spend and measure impact of an overall marketing campaign.

Room: Maryland 1/2



3:00pm - 4:00pm

Embracing Change (in a Radical Fashion)

Jennifer Matt, Web2Print Experts; Brian Benson, Benson Integrated Marketing Services
 E-Commerce, Financial Management, Commercial Print, Workflow Automation

In the last 18 months, Benson replaced all their offset presses with the Indigo 10000 as well as replaced their entire technology stack (Print MIS and web-to-print). This is a great case study on radical versus incremental change. Web2Print Experts has worked closely with Benson over the last twelve months to assist with this technology transition. Brian Benson went from ignoring technology to embracing technology. It is a compelling story for those members who are fearful of the offset to digital transition and for printers who know they need to move away from legacy Print MIS systems. 

Room: Maryland A


Leveraging Emerging Technologies: Implementation Considerations
Moderated by Barb Pellow, Infotrends; with panelists Peter Lancaster, DocuMobi; Paul Dehart, Blue Toad; Alana Kalin, Blippar
Sign and Display, Packaging, Financial Management, Commercial Print

As mobile technology takes hold, there are a myriad of new technologies that have arrived on the scene. This session is designed to familiarize you with a variety of technology options that make print interactive and add value to print. You will hear from technology companies that provide solutions for augmented reality, print to mobile workflow and infrastructure for the implementation of campaigns using mobile bar codes and NFC tags. See how they can effectively be integrated with wide format, packaging and traditional print applications and develop an understanding of the implementation considerations.

Room: Maryland C


The "Nuts and Bolts" of a Deal in the Printing Industry - available for download
Mark Hahn, Graphic Arts Advisors
 Sign and Display, Packaging, Financial Management, Commercial Print, Inkjet Publishing/ Direct Mail 

The commercial printing industry is stabilizing, packaging is growing, wide format is maturing, and digital printing continues its fast-paced evolution impacting all sectors. The amount and pace of change in the printing and related industries is driving consolidation across the board - from the smallest copy shops to the biggest players on the global stage. If the past two years are indicative of what’s to come, deal activity will continue at a brisk pace in our industry. If you plan to participate in the ongoing wave of consolidation as either a buyer or seller, this session will outline the deal process and what you should expect as a participant in an M&A transaction.  

Room: Maryland B



4:30pm - 5:30pm

Digital Print Opportunities in Flexible Packaging
Yoav Lotan, HP; Kelly Williams, HP
BUSINESS FOCUS: Commercial Print, Packaging

We know how flexible packaging is a key growth area for print in the next 5 years. But is it good for you? This deep-dive into the flexible packaging arena will discuss the market opportunities, the product life cycle, and the most important terminology for raw materials, processes and products.

Room: Maryland 3


State of the Photo Industry - available for download
Gary Pageau, InfoCircle

Where is the industry heading? What are the future trends? We will discuss the future trends and how to be ready for them.

Room: Maryland A


Wall Décor: It’s None of Your Business Until It’s Your Business - available for download
Roman Barba, HP; Timothy Mitchell, HP
BUSINESS FOCUS: Commercial Print, Sign and Display

Fast-growing. Excellent profits. Unique opportunities with existing and new accounts. Wall décor is not only a fast-growing niche, but one where many companies don’t participate. Find out what you can do and how to do it along with the “WOW” factor that is an added benefit for everyone.

Room: Maryland D


What Is the Real Value of Your Business and How Can You Increase It? - available for download
Rick Bellamy, RPI Print; Mark Hahn, Graphic Arts Advisors; Craig Krone, Taylor Corporation; Paul Reilly, New Direction Partners
BUSINESS FOCUS: Commercial Print, Inkjet Publishing / Direct Mail, Packaging, Photo 

Infotrends predicts that in two years there will be half the number of printers as today. In this session, a panel of investment bank, private equity, corporate development and financial experts will answer your questions about how to value your business steps to make your business more attractive and how to maximize the value.

Room: Maryland B



Saturday, March 7th

9:00am - 10:00am

So You Think It Is Easy to Write a Good Case Study? - available for download
John Leininger, Clemson University
BUSINESS FOCUS: Commercial Print, Ink Jet Publishing/Direct Mail, Packaging, Sign and Display

Writing a case study for variable print, email blasts, PURLs or crossmedia may seem like a simple task, but you will find many case studies leave out critical information to fully understand the true successes and failures of a campaign. It is about recognizing the good, the bad and the ugly. This session will address the goals and observations taken from more than 500 case studies.

Room: Maryland 1/2



10:30am - 11:30am

Information-Driven Automation

John Lacagnina, Colorcentric Corporation
 Workflow Automation

Today’s successful printers understand they are really a manufacturing company, and, as such, employ manufacturing workflow, automation and data mining like the “big guys” do. This session will provide insight into how companies like Shutterfly, Vistaprint and Office Depot successfully run their printing business.  A business that has thousands of SKUs, same-day turnarounds and thousands of orders per day through information-driven automation.

Room: Maryland 1/2


The 25 Best Tips EVER for Selling Print, Digital Print, and VDP! - available for download
Bill Farquharson, Epicomm
 Sign and Display, Packaging, Financial Management, Commercial Print

Advice. The Internet is full of it. Need help with time management? Overcoming objections? Tips for improving your efficiency? How about information specific to digital and VDP, such as where to look for prospects and what to say in order to get appointments? Save your search time and attend this session for the best ideas for identifying leads, gaining appointments, selling and marketing digital and VDP along with samples, examples and success stories.

Room: Maryland A