Technical.PNGGeared toward members who work on installation and ongoing maintenance of HP equipment, this track will focus on HP equipment best practices, printing unique jobs and making sure HP presses remain running to the best of their capabilities. There will also be opportunities to talk directly with HP equipment experts.

*Thank you for attending DscoopX! Please note, you can download the session presentations that are noted in red below here.*

Friday, March 6th

10:15am - 11:15am 

Addressing the Top 5 Print MIS Challenges
Jane Mugford, Web2Print Experts, Inc.
Commercial Print

Every Dscoop member relies on one or more software systems to manage their business (Print MIS/ERP). These systems consistently create one thing: owner frustration. You can’t seem to get the data you want, you don’t believe the data you do get, you can’t believe what you paid for it, and you can’t find anyone to own it internally. Jane Mugford will address the top 5 Print MIS challenges and describe how you can pivot: change your frustration focus into a solution focus. We live in the information age, your Print MIS has to be your trusted system of record.

Room: Maryland 4

I Just Bought an HP Indigo WS6000 Series Press.  Now What Do I Do?
Jay League, HP; Bob Stewart, Reid Graphics

Experienced Dscoop members and HP Indigo representatives will share their advice on how to ensure your new digital operation gets off to the right start. They will also share their experiences on how to accelerate your growth. Come hear about all the resources available to you, the critical building blocks and common missteps that we want to help you avoid. 

Room: Potomac 1/2

Minute to Print It
Doug Rembold, Classic Graphics; Barry Mahoney, Standard Group and TJ Larson, GLS Companies
BUSINESS FOCUS: Commercial Print, Packaging

In today’s market of tight deadlines, this fun, hands-on session will teach you how to schedule projects, examine pitfalls and determine realistic expectations about how much you can get done each day.

Room: Maryland 1/2



1:30pm - 2:30pm 

Dscoop Nerd Herd
Jennifer Matt and Chris Reisz-Hanson, Web2Print Experts and panel
BUSINESS FOCUS: Commercial Print

A peer group for the software professionals working in the Dscoop community. Informally started at Dscoop 8, formally launched at Dscoop 9, coming back to Dsccop10! One of the key requests of the initial attendees of the Nerd Herd was that this group was especially for software (not pre-press or production floor/operational stuff) but software projects (Print MIS, web-to-print, integrated workflows, customer integrations, etc.)

Room: Maryland 4



4:30pm - 5:30pm 

The Next Generation in Color Communication - available for download
Mark Geeves, Color Logic and Aaron Mallory, Esko

As printers we are being forced to streamline, communicate, and standardize color with shorter
lead times. Learn how this can be successfully integrated into your company by using tools such as Pantone Live and Color Logic. Learn what brands are implementing for brand colors and metallic effects from design to production.

Room: Potomac 3/4/5/6


Technical Tips for the HP Indigo 10000 from a Press Operator Guru - available for download
Chris Reine, Franklin Press
BUSINESS FOCUS: Commercial Print

From the Gulf Coast of Louisiana to the northern reaches of Minnesota and across the pond to the UK, Guru Operator Chris Reine taps into the resources of the Dscoop forums and presents some of the best tips and tricks to help you keep your HP Indigo 10000 presses up and running.  Join him as he presents a wealth of information that you will be able take home and start using immediately.

Room: Maryland 1/2





Saturday, March 7th

9:00am - 10:00am 

End to End Color Management: Why Good Enough is Not Enough
Asaf Hartuv, Susan Manuel, and Danny Hershkowitz, HP

In a perfect world, every print service provider would be outputting the most accurate and consistent color on their presses. Operation costs and knowledge usually keep most organizations at “good enough” colors. The session objective is to provide the non-technical audience (owners, business managers, CSRs) basic information about our presses and workflow, the latest color tools and color quality KPIs and indicators, to help them to understand what it takes to get the best colors from their operation. And for technical audience, how to the way the Production Pro.

Room: Maryland B


Operations Family Feud
Doug Rembold, Classic Graphics; Barry Mahoney, Standard Group and 
TJ Larson, GLS Companies

BUSINESS FOCUS: Commercial Print, Packaging

Survey says…test your knowledge and learn from hot topics and daily issues that keep you from performing at your peak efficiency in a Family Feud-type setting.

Room: Maryland 5/6



10:30am - 11:30am

This Is How You Save $22 a Job with HP SmartStream Production Pro
Asaf Hartuv, HP; Bob Raus, HP
BUSINESS FOCUS: Commercial Print

Learn how to leverage the full potential of your HP Indigo to grow and produce higher volumes of complex, value-add products.  Take away best practices for media fingerprinting, advanced color management, RIP optimization capabilities and more in this interactive session about HP SmartStream Production Pro V5.1.  

Room: Maryland D