Dscoop University Courses are Back!

Leading companies know that continued training and development are key factors for improved productivity and overall company profitability. As hundreds of you have already experienced, Dscoop University is your one-stop shop for educational offerings including: webinars, on-demand content, live online courses, reference materials, and in-person events that provide the necessary skills for you and your team to succeed.

The courses are complimentary for Dscoop members with your DscoopX registration, however, you must pre-register in Dscoop University to attend.

 All courses will be held Thursday, March 5 from 8:00 A.M. - 11:00 A.M. EST.


Available courses include:

Title: Critical Elements for REAL Digital Printing Growth

Description: To succeed in growing your digital print business, it’s all about capturing new opportunities and understanding your customer's markets. Expanding your business is no easy feat though - how do you recognize your customer's business environment and their challenges? What are the highest value opportunities? This highly interactive workshop will show you how to focus your efforts on growth as well as give you key insight in vertical market research to do this effectively. This session is being offered twice to accommodate demand. 

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Title: Entrepreneurial Skill Sharpening

Description: Immerse yourself in an entrepreneurial experience that will sharpen your collaboration, risk-taking, creative thinking and innovation skills. In this workshop, we will identify critical leadership elements tied to an interactive game to challenge and engage you. The world’s best entrepreneurs attract wealth and make things happen through identifying and creating opportunities, collaborating and thinking creatively. Experience first-hand how concepts take new meaning and begin to impact your business, starting today! 

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Please email dscoopuniversity@dscoop.org to inquire about the wait list. 


Title: Social Media for Print: Building a Sustainable Program That Gets Results


As social media use continues growing among audiences worldwide, marketing budgets for content marketing and social media are expanding as well. Great content helps shape and inform people's opinions and perceptions. Online, content is what people discover, talk about and pass along to others… especially via social media. Today, businesses need to be more than great marketers; they have to be great content publishers too. Learn the elements of building a great content strategy, the planning tools to maintain it over time, creating and distributing your content to drive results and measuring its performance to create a sustainable social media program that gets results. Though the elements of Social Media are universal, this workshop will be especially tailored for print and converting environments. 

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Title: In-It-To-Win-It Sales Management

Description: Do you realize you can dramatically increase revenues by improving your sales management skills? In this workshop, you'll learn proven ways to manage prospecting efforts, oversee account penetration, and maintain market momentum. Diagnose why salespeople fail using three broad-based performance issues and know how to address them to increase success. Learn how to effectively recruit new sales people and energize your existing sales force. Join us for an engaging workshop where you'll discover how to bring out the best in your current team and get results!

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Title: Developing Your Top Performing Team

Description: As a leader, you want your employees to live up to their full potential not only drive your organization forward, but also to empower them and grow a healthy workplace culture. Part of unlocking that potential (and putting it to use) is understanding your employees, and making sure they are in a position that complements them and their goals. After this workshop, you'll recognize key factors in determining what makes your employees successful and how to apply effective management and leadership techniques. Note: Attendees must complete a 15 minute do-it-yourself online assessment prior to the workshop.

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Title: Innovation: Transfer Ideas into Revenue

Description: What do the following things have in common: A discussion with a fellow Dscoop member, something you read in a magazine, a conversation with one of your salesmen. Answer: All of these things (and many more) can generate ideas to grow your business. In fact, in today's business environment, innovation is required! However a lot of time and money have been wasted on focusing on the wrong ideas, and even more on not acting on what could have been an amazing opportunity for your business. This practical, yet thought provoking workshop will drive focus to the ideas right for your business.

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dscoopuniversity@dscoop.org to inquire about the wait list.