Partner Sessions

Partner sessions take place during specific times at the conference. See below for a listing of these sessions.  Scroll through the page or click each link to jump to a time slot.



Thursday, March 5th

11:15am - 11:45am


 More Materials, More Possibilities, More Business
Paul Biesiadecki, Digital Division
BUSINESS FOCUS: Sales and Marketing: Commercial Print

From Superfine to Synthetics and Pure Cotton to Polyester, Mohawk has assembled the most extensive portfolio of substrates (both paper and non-paper) to help you take full advantage of your HP Indigo press. Join us for a half hour presentation designed to help you understand how materials themselves can open up new sources of revenue and bring in new customers.

Room: Maryland 3


Tekra, A Division of EIS, Inc.

 Expanding Your Digital Output
Andy Danihel
BUSINESS FOCUS: Sales and Marketing: Grand Format Printing, Sign and Display

A look at how adding and/or expanding inkjet to your existing HP Indigo production can increase your market share and overall customer satisfaction. UV, Latex and Solvent inkjet options can open markets from wide format signage, to durable PSA’s and outdoor signage. Whether you’re targeting retail, commercial or consumer based applications, a dual print operation can make you the total solution provider for your market space, while opening inroads to spaces you have yet to venture.

Room: Maryland 2



11:15am - 12:15pm

Duplo USA Corporation

 Understand and Implement Automated Digital Finishing, the Duplo Way
Rick Salinas
BUSINESS FOCUS: Sales and Marketing: Commercial Print,  Workflow Automation

In this session, you will learn how to maximize your workflow efficiencies utilizing Duplo’s automated, all-in-one slit/cut/crease solutions. Learn how Duplo, a leader in digital print finishing, can help you move to a template-based workflow, minimize labor costs, maximize labor usage, and reduce costly errors. During the presentation, Rick will also talk about how to turn complicated jobs into simpler, one-touch processes. BONUS: Arrive within the first 10 minutes and enter to win free prizes. Don’t miss out!

Room: Maryland 1


International Paper

 Direct Mail Effectiveness
Shawn Lawson
BUSINESS FOCUS: Sales and Marketing: Creative and Design, Inkjet Publishing/Direct Mail, Commercial Print

This session will educate attendees on effective direct mail campaigns.  Topics will include discussing the vertical markets that direct mail is sucessful in.  Tips on how to design and print direct mail pieces that stand out will also be shared.  You will leave this session with materials you can take into the market to help promote direct mail for you and your customers.

Room: Maryland A



 Digital Folding Carton – A Natural Evolution for Label and Commercial Printers?
Marcus Tralau
BUSINESS FOCUS: Business Management: Creative and Design, Packaging, Social Media/E-Commerce/Website, Workflow Automation

The folding market is changing because of the revolutionary new media and the demands of the consumer! In real time, happy experiences can be shared with friends and family in the same minute, Amazon delivers in New York within one hour, more and more products are made for very small target groups or are tailor made for individuals. Under these dramatic changes the packaging of the consumer goods won’t stay the same as it has been for the last 20 years. Ideal circumstances for the breakthrough of digital printing - set up with perfect color in a few minutes, changes of content until last second and the personalization of print. HP explains the features of the Indigo 30000 and the new capabilities.

KAMA presents for the first time the entire post-digital solution for folding carton production which ends with a box ready to deliver to the brand owners. This includes value added applications like hot-foil or hologram stamping, followed by die-cutting, creasing and embossing. The last process is folding and gluing to the finished product made by the brand new KAMA FlexFold 52.KAMA’s machines are specifically developed for the Digital Workflow with a wide range of applications and for short runs. Networking between the machines and the order desk, is a must for several jobs a day. In our view the first step into a new future is “Internet of the Things” or “Production 4.0”. In our vision the customer does the preparation, controls the production and knows at any time the status of his order (track and trace).

The DSCOOP members know how to deal with Digital, Short-Runs and Personalization – don’t miss the train.

Room: Maryland B



 Innovative Direct Mail Strategies for New Revenue Growth in 2015
Joe Manos and panel speakers Gershon Alon (HP), Erwin Driever (Cober Printing), and Joe Petrucci (WayBetter Marketing)
BUSINESS FOCUS: Sales and Marketing: Social Media/E-Commerce/Website, Inkjet Publishing/Direct Mail, Commercial Print, Workflow Automation

This session will cover how print service providers, marketing service providers, and agencies can adapt to the changing print market by leveraging new innovative strategies, as well as other technologies to improve the direct mail program results for your customers. Marketing automation technology allows marketing service providers to build and launch campaigns with multiple outbound elements. With MindFire Studio, you can use direct mail, email, social, and web to create a campaign that will reach your target audience at multiple touch points. MindFire Studio is one of the only marketing automation solutions that integrates direct mail as a key outbound element. By partnering with HP, we have made it easy for marketing service providers to schedule and deliver their personalized direct mail pieces. During this presentation, WayBetter Marketing and Cober Printing will share valuable case studies that show how using direct mail with the power of MindFire Studio has helped grow their revenue.

Room: Maryland C


Rollem International

 How to Make Money wih Die-Cutting!
Kevin Corwin
BUSINESS FOCUS: Business Management: Packaging

Profitable markets exist in Labels, Mail and Packaging for die-cut and kiss-cut products.   In this session, we discuss the profit potential and benefits of flexo-magnetic die cutting. Learn how to die-cut, kiss cut and cut-score high value products in an infinite number of shapes, sizes and substrates. Program references live, successful case studies including, retail shelf talkers, school portraits, beverage labels and personalized candy boxes.

Room: Maryland D




1:45pm - 2:15pm

Horizon International

The New Business of Finishing - Solutions for the HP Indigo 10000 B2 Digital Press
Mark Hunt
BUSINESS FOCUS: Business Management: Photo, Ink Jet, Publishing, Direct Mail, Financial Management, Commercial Print

This session will overview the unique finishing requirements for continuous feed and cut-sheet digital printing and explain why the traditional bindery model is no longer sufficient. State-of-the-art digital finishing lets PSP’s adjust their business view of the bindery as a cost center, to a cost per finished document model that relies on super-efficient workflows, ultra-fast turnarounds and lower cost per job. 

Room: Maryland 3


1:45pm - 2:45pm


 Cartes Makes Debut at DscoopX
Virgilio Micale
BUSINESS FOCUS: Sales and Marketing: Packaging

Presentation of the company and its solutions for the market as a reliable partner for finishing equipment. CARTES as a global producer of finishing and converting machines and seizes the opportunity to introduce itself as a reliable partner for digital printing solutions, focusing on providing the most technologically advanced products that help customers to improve their businesses.

Room: Maryland 4


 Driving Innovation in Digital
Aaron Mallory and Michael Naughton
BUSINESS FOCUS: Sales and Marketing: Grand Format Printing, Creative and Design, Packaging, Commercial Print, Workflow Automation


Hop in the car with Esko as they drive you down Innovation Road and navigate the packaging/sign & display development roadmap. Let us guide you from ideation to finished product through a fully managed digital process. You will see 3D prototypes, augmented reality, lights out automation and more. Get out of the passenger seat and into the driver seat. Are YOU there yet?

Room: Maryland D


GPA, Specialty Substrate Solutions

 CHALANT®  Leading with a Driving Purpose
Brad Karsh, President and Generational Guru
BUSINESS FOCUS: Business Management: Grand Format Printing, Creative and Design, Label and Packaging, Social Media/E-Commerce/Website, Photo, Ink Jet Publishing, Direct Mail, Financial Management, Commercial Print, Green Business, Workflow Automation

In the age of ingenuity, our organizations need to under promise and over deliver – pushing beyond the status quo and the ordinary. As a leader, how can you replace complacency with a craving ambition? How can you create a culture where employees are inspired to exceed goals, do more than just what they are told to do, and go above and beyond on a day-to-day basis? In this engaging session, Brad Karsh takes a light on theory, heavy on practicality approach to leadership and brings you CHALANT®. (Think the opposite of nonchalant!) This session reveals the secret formula of CHALANT® to create a culture of passion, devotion and action that encourages the development of employees. He illustrates how to embrace passion with real-life examples from companies like Zappos and Wal-Mart, develop true grit with stories from Michael Jordan and Malcom Gladwell, and offer tactical principles on how to take action on goals to ensure success. This engaging and dynamic session provides an inventive approach on how individuals can work together to create a culture where everyone operates with purpose and tenacity. 

Room: Maryland B



Great Color Starts in Prepress
Jason Darrah
BUSINESS FOCUS: Technical: Sign and Display

Color management is a key contributing factor in assuring print quality and consistency in print production.   While we know that color management of the RIP and calibration and profiling of the print engine are crucial, poor color reproduction can still occur. The color management process must start in Prepress. Incoming file color attributes must be identified and normalized to known color standards. This seminar will assist you in setting-up a color managed workflow starting in Prepress stage.

Room: Maryland C



 Outstanding Sales with Scodix SENSE™
Amit Shvartz
BUSINESS FOCUS: Sales and Marketing: Grand Format Printing, Label and Packaging, Photo, Direct Mail, Commercial Print

Technique, technology and real-world customer stories collide to provide insights into the future of digital print enhancements and to highlight what our current global Scodix users have already experienced. Let their successes inspire you and help you add value and increase profits for your business. Join us for a session that showcases the most profitable digital enhancement applications for increasing your revenue. Take your HP Indigo prints to the next level with the SENSEational digital print differentiation tool from Scodix. Come learn how to step up and stand out in an environment where being outstanding means everything.

Room: Maryland 1


Verso Corporation

 Digital Possibilities: Getting Creative with Digital for Your Clients.
Chris Froeter and Panel
BUSINESS FOCUS: Sales and Marketing: Commercial Print

Join creative partner, Chris Froeter, Froeter Design, Chicago, Illinois and key contributors sharing their stories on the development of Ed #16 Digital Possibilities.  Hear firsthand how your peers are successfully breaking stereotypes and introducing the latest in digital possibilities for their clients. In just a few short years, digital printing has gone from an emerging to an established technology. With offset-level quality and almost limitless ability to personalize to your target, the realm of possibility has exploded. Like so many technologies today, digital printing capabilities are advancing in shorter and shorter cycles every day. Equipment productivity and speed continues to improve overall economics. With new print techniques like metallic inks, varnishes, embossed-like dimensionality, ultraviolet ink and more, digital printing is winning over even the biggest skeptics. And with the convergence of data, GPS and other technologies, the realm of possibility has exploded for targeted, highly personalized print strategies. We guarantee you’ll be inspired! About Verso  Two Respected Paper Manufacturers. One Powerful New Resource. Verso and NewPage are now Verso Corporation. Verso has been a leader in manufacturing digital papers since digital printing technology first emerged, with specialized expertise, dedicated production capacity and one of the broadest offerings of digital-specific products in the industry. All of our digital products are designed and manufactured specifically for digital printing.  The product offering includes: Futura®, Sterling® Premium DigitalTM, Sterling® Premium DigitalTM for HP Indigo, Productolith Pts. Digital®, Blazer Digital®, TrueJet®, TrueJet® Hybrid and TrueJet® Book.

Room: Maryland 2




Friday, March 6th

11:30am - 12:00pm

AB Graphics International

Digicon Series 3
Jim Kehring
BUSINESS FOCUS: Operations: Packaging

An introduction into AB Graphic newest Digital Converter, the Digicon Series 3. Learn about the new features and increased workflow. Find out the Digicon Series 3 can benefit your shop.

Location: Solutions Showcase, booth 205


Ashland, Inc.

 Enabling Flexible Packaging Converters to Grow in Digital Printing Applications
Lisa Newland and Joe Spinnato
BUSINESS FOCUS: Business Management: Packaging

Join us to learn how Ashland is connecting label and flexible packaging printers to the rapidly growing digital printing market through a full product offering of new laminating adhesives for digitally printed flexible packaging. Learn how we support and guide converters through the regulatory compliance maze. They will share industry trends and drivers and their approach to these trends, including new product innovation, strategic partnerships and an industry leading fit-for-use approach with full transparency to ensure regulatory compliancy. With over $11 million invested in analytical equipment to conduct the latest in migration testing, we can assist in helping you understand food-safe packaging. 

Room: Maryland D


B&R Moll Inc.

 Digital Print Runs Meet a Cost Effective Die Cutter & Folder/Gluer
Kevin Moll
BUSINESS FOCUS: Business Management: Inkjet Publishing/ Direct Mail, Packaging 

B&R Moll Inc. understands that digital printers are facing more short and medium size runs. We understand when printing these jobs it’s important not to send out any of the other processes; including die cutting or folding/gluing. Sending these processes out can defeat the purpose of the digital quick print concept. This is where Moll comes in with the cost effective sized folding and gluing equipment, as well as the possibility of running in-line with our newly integrated Delta 7 Rotary Die-Cutter & Folder/Gluer System. You can see us at our booth #321 where we will be die cutting, stripping, folding, and gluing a two up process with a straight line carton on one side and a pillow pack on the other. The Delta 7 and Moll Folder/Gluer System is ideally designed to handle your short and medium runs whether printed on your HP Indigo 10000/30000 or commercial press. The Delta 7 and Moll Folding/Gluing sections can be ran separately as needed offering unmatched versatility. By bringing these processes “in-house” you now control the quality and reduce your lead times.  Why give the transportation companies your profits?

Room: Maryland 5/6


Magnum Magnetics

 Insourcing: Keeping More Jobs (and Profits!) In-House
Scott Strahler
BUSINESS FOCUS: Business Management: Packaging, Inkjet Publishing/ Direct Mail,Financial Management,  Commercial Print, Workflow Automation

This session will include tips and tricks to help printers keep in-house more of the specialty jobs they would traditionally outsource. Insourcing is an effective and profitable way to control costs, maximize press utilization, and reduce overall lead times. They will review metrics that can help make the financial case for insourcing specialty jobs. Scott will also discuss the roadblocks that often prompt printers to outsource a specialty job, and how to overcome some of them. Finally, he will suggest improvements and investments you can make now to ensure that you’re able to compete on bids for specialty jobs, and that you’re equipped to handle them smoothly when they come to you.

Room: Maryland 1/2



 Applications for Labels and Packaging: What Can Be Done Today?
Jan Denies
BUSINESS FOCUS: Sales and Marketing: Packaging

Learn more about Label and Packaging applications on HP Indigo: What can be done today? Michelman developed specific primers for the new Indigo presses. We will give you an overview of what applications can be sussessfully covered today. What should you watch out for?

Room: Potomac 1/2


Neenah Paper

 EXPLORE the Possibilities
Ross van Burkleo
BUSINESS FOCUS: Sales and Marketing: Creative and Design,Inkjet Publsihing/ Direct Mail, Commercial Print, Packaging 

Neenah Paper offers the widest variety of choices for today's changing digital world. With market leading brands like CLASSIC CREST, CLASSIC Linen, ENVIRONMENT and CRANES along with new specialty products like ESTATE Label and and durables such as Paper Tyger, Neenah has a solution to every digital print project. Come join in on a conversation about how color, texture and specialty products can help expand your relationship with your clients.

Room: Maryland 4


Nekoosa Coated Products

 Paper to Pixels: Driving Print in a Mobile World
M.J. Anderson
BUSINESS FOCUS: Sales and Marketing

Learn strategies for how marketing service providers can leverage their investment in content management platforms to both drive their print business AND build revenue around an offering that includes mobile applications, augmented reality, and variable video.

Room: Maryland B



 Successful Growth Strategies in Driving Print from Mobile Devices
Stephen Thorpe
BUSINESS FOCUS: Business Management: Social Media/E-Commerce/Website

With the constant evolution towards smartphone usage coupled with a new generation of users, learn of best practices and successful case studies on how to increase sales of printed photographic products by using smartphones and tablets as key design and order tools. Their accessibility and proliferation are too great to ignore. But you need a coherent strategy, marketing campaigns, right applications and platform to effectively take advantage of the mobile revolution to increase print sales. You will also learn of the true ROI of a cloud-based eCommerce solution that can be white-labeled and customized to suit your objectives.

Room: Maryland A


Standard Finishing Systems

 The New Business Of Finishing - Solutions For Today’s Cut Sheet and Continuous Feed Digital Print Engines
Bruce Beiderman
BUSINESS FOCUS: Business Management: Photo, Ink Jet Publishing, Direct Mail, Financial Management, Commercial Print

This session will overview the unique finishing requirements for continuous feed and cut-sheet digital printing and explain why the traditional bindery model is no longer sufficient.  State-of-the-art digital finishing let’s PSP’s adjust their business view of the bindery as a cost center, to a cost per finished document model that relies on super-efficient workflows, ultra-fast turnarounds and lower cost per job.

Room: Maryland 3



 Best Practices: Customer Approaches to Digital Print Finishing in the Photo Market
Peter Dolfis, Tecnau; Josh Cagle, Lifetouch
BUSINESS FOCUS: Operations: Photo, Commerical Print

Tecnau’s numerous photo industry customers have chosen a variety of approaches to finishing of digital photo products.  In this session, we present an overview of their photo finishing methods, and summarize lessons to be learned from these user experiences.  Highlighting the session, Josh Cagle of Lifetouch, the producer of student portraits and yearbooks, presents insights from Lifetouch’s experience first-hand.

Room: Maryland C



 Paper to Pixels: Driving Print in a Mobile World
M.J. Anderson
BUSINESS FOCUS: Sales and Marketing: Sign and Display, Social Media/E-Commerce/Website, Commercial Print

Learn strategies for how marketing service providers can leverage their investment in content management platforms to both drive their print business AND build revenue around an offering that includes mobile applications, augmented reality, and variable video.

Room: Maryland B




Saturday, March 7th

1:00pm - 1:30pm


 Packaging Solutions for Packaging Presses
Keith Nagle
BUSINESS FOCUS: Sales and Marketing: Packaging

Science belongs in sales.  When selling and marketing new packaging developments, the informed sales person is a better sales person. New packaging applications or the conversion of applications from analog technology to digital technology are rarely a simple substitution of digital printing for analog printing. What makes your digitally printed packaging construction better? What proof or deliverables do you have to support your claim? Folding cartons, pouches, shrink sleeves, labels, blister packaging and other packaging constructions are more than the sum of the parts.  All packaging structural components serve a purpose; all must compliment the function of the other components. The complexities of critical constructions leave no room for unexpected and non-complimentary interactions. Sell the construction, not just the finished item. Stand out from the crowd by selling solutions backed by science.

Room: Maryland D


Avery Products Corporation

 Take Control of Your Future: Grow Your Digital Business Through New Approaches to Marketing
Liz Sanchez
BUSINESS FOCUS: Sales and Marketing: Commercial Print

The print world continues to evolve. Marketing effectively to end customers has become critical to business success. The marketing experts at Avery have created tools and solutions that will help you market to key verticals and drive incremental volume. New tools, new solutions and new knowledge will help you to maximize the effectiveness of your press and drive sales growth. Sign up for email updates at the presentation and you will be entered to win one of two iPad Airs to be given out at the conference!

Room: Maryland 4


Brotech Graphics Co., Ltd.

 Market Trend of Digital Finishing
Ramon Lee
BUSINESS FOCUS: Sales and Marketing: Packaging

The market needs a finishing system for digitally printed labels. Printers are able to design their own systems for finishing and converting applications with the modular concept, automatic machines and systems in our full line of digital finishing systems which are dedicated for digitally printed labels.

Room: Maryland B


Felix Schoeller Digital Media

 Building a Better Digital Portfolio
James J Walsh
BUSINESS FOCUS: Business Management: Grand Format Printing,Creative and Design,Label and Packaging,Social Media/E-Commerce/Website,PhotoInk Jet Publishing,Direct Mail,Commercial Print

Spanning the beginnings of Felix Schoeller and bridging the leap from tradional printing to digital printing.

Room: Maryland 1/2


Highcon Systems, Ltd.

The Benefits & Value of Digital Finishing
Vic Stalam
BUSINESS FOCUS: Business Management: Packaging

Highcon delivers the innovation and differentiation that converters, printers, brand owners and retailers have all been waiting for, transforming “finishing” into a value adding process that can positively impact users’ profitability.  Benefits of digital finishing:  • Infinite Design Flexibility  • Faster Time to Market   • Increased Efficiency    • Digital Storage   • Increased Sustainability    The Highcon Euclid is the first fully digital cutting and creasing machine for converting paper, labels, folding carton and microflute. The Euclid incorporates Highcon’s patented ‘DART’ (Digital Adhesive Rule Technology) to produce creases, and high-speed laser optics to cut a wide range of substrates.  The top of the line Highcon Euclid II+ includes new features and options like Highcon Integrated Digital Stripping Unit, optical registration and a fine cutting accelerator. During this session you will learn how to grow the value you bring to your customers by expanding your digital workflow offerings into decoration and finishing! Bringing digital cutting and creasing in-house will help you gain a larger part of your current customers' spend and will help you reach a new client base. Participate in this webinar with Vic Stalam, President, Highcon Americas, to hear how completing your digital workflow has allowed Highcon customers to add value and increase profitability.

Room: Maryland C



 Priming 101: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Priming Your Own Substrates
Tom Hauenstein
BUSINESS FOCUS: Operations: Label and Packaging

Learn more about how to prime your own substrates in-house to make them print perfectly on your HP Indigo. We will discuss all of the different primer options from Michelman and Utopia Digital Technologies, the best methods for applying primer to your substrates, and the pros and cons of doing it yourself.

Room: Maryland 5/6


Muller Martini

 Photobook: Filling the Gap between Manual and Industrial Production
Jim Kaeli and Kurt Richter
BUSINESS FOCUS: Operations: Photo

Hear from Jim Kaeli and Kurt Richter, two of today’s most prominent leaders in book manufacturing. As a founder of MitaBook technology, Kurt has successfully installed equipment in over 50 countries worldwide. Jim, a book industry veteran, has experience with the most intricate book manufacturing solutions installed today. His knowledge ranges from the shortest one-off solutions to the largest book manufacturing facilities, both conventional and digital. If you are involved in photobooks, or thinking of getting involved, don’t miss this exciting opportunity to learn from Jim and Kurt. The Mitabook fills the gap between manual and semi-automatic binding equipment and more sophisticated high-volume machines, making it a welcome addition to the production of like-sized products. Muller Martini has announced it will distribute this groundbreaking technology throughout North America.

Room: Potomac 3/4/5/6


Converting and Packaging for the Digital Market: Die Cutters, Folder Gluers, Creasing and Folding Machines
Colin Johnson
BUSINESS FOCUS: Business Management: Packaging, Ink Jet Publishing, Direct Mail, Commercial Print, Workflow Automation

Come see Peratto’s high level die cutters, a newly conceived machine for digital production, for cutting, creasing and perforating, hotfoil stamping and embossing. Their folder gluers have quick set up, straight line boxes, and crash lock bottom for commercial and packaging production and our creasing and folding machines with special in-line machines.

Room: Potomac 1/2


Sappi North America

Digital Dominance
Daniel Dejan
BUSINESS FOCUS: Sales and Marketing: Commercial Print

Don’t miss Daniel Dejan, Sappi North America, as he unveils a new tool to help you take charge and share information about exciting techniques now available with digital printing. Daniel will showcase a printed piece, Surface, created to help you educate your customers about recent developments in digital printing that can raise the bar on printed communications. Aimed at brand marketers, creatives, production managers and design firms, Surface has been created to help you sell your digital capabilities to your client base. Throughout his presentation, Daniel will explain key points and highlight information that will enable you to use this promotion as a valuable sales and marketing tool to grow your digital business. Key elements include examples of how brand marketers use variable data to reach their target customer segments by varying more than the standard personalization. Surface will also include illustrations of multiple covers and binding options as variable components to capture a recipient’s attention. Additionally, this promotion explores print techniques that offer visual and tactile engagement to connect the consumer with a brand as well as increase consumer attention to the brand message. Advances in digital printing are leading the way for growth in our industry. Now, more than ever before, it’s important to inspire your customers to explore and embrace this new terrain— with you as the guide!

Room: Maryland 3