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New Products at DscoopX

Partner Name Booth # New Product Name New Product Description New Product Features

A B Graphic International 


Digicon Series 3

A B Graphic International’s new Digicon Series 3 offers a comprehensive solution for today’s converter. With a smaller footprint, offering an extensive range of modules and using premium, state of the art components, it is more operator friendly. With higher speeds this is the next generation of digital finishing. 

Increased flexibility is fundamental to the new Digicon Series 3. The modular design makes future upgrades easier, and the web handling system allows each module to run independently, optimising workflow and increasing throughput. Both hot foiling and screen printing are faster, and the flexo print unit has a quick-change lightweight cassette.



PurelamTM 9500/9240 Ultra-low Migration Solvent-free Laminating Adhesive

PurelamTM 9500/9240 is Ashland’s new solvent-free laminating adhesive and is approved for use with Hewlett Packard 20000 digitally printed films for flexible packaging applications. This product offers the lowest aromatic amine migration on the market today without sacrificing operator ease of use or lamination performance. 

• Fast line speeds: >1,300 fpm without misting
• Fast curing: Slit or run second lamination pass within hours
• 21 CFR177.1395 compliant up to 100 °C and suitable for dry, liquid and fatty foods
• “All-in-One” adhesive: Eliminates the need to change adhesives between jobs 
• Excellent bonds to both clear and metalized films 



PurethaneTM A1090 Water-based Laminating Adhesive

PurethaneTM  A1090 is Ashland’s new water-based laminating adhesive. It is approved for use with Hewlett Packard 20000 digitally printed films for flexible packaging applications where moderate to high levels of moisture, temperature, and chemical resistance are required. For high demand applications, our Purethane TM C-Cat 104 Crosslinker is recommended

• Excellent clarity
• Achieves high line speeds (up to 2,000 fpm)
• Excellent aggressive product resistance
• Excellent adhesion to corona treated films (OPP, PET, PE)
• Excellent heat performance as required for thick gauge sealing films and zipper installations 



Avanti Slingshot Advanced JDF Framework

Avanti Slingshot’s Advanced JDF Framework workflow module provides a platform to easily integrate the industry’s leading workflow offerings into your Print MIS environment. This preserves both data integrity and ensures cross-system communication, vital to realizing the benefits of CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing). 

• Ensures that JDF is no longer the exclusive domain of large corporations
• Provides an environment where all the software and equipment in your shop can speak the same language

Avery Products Corporation


AveryPro™  White Matte Trueblock® Labels

Trueblock® labels from AveryPro™ have patented technology that completely cover up whatever is underneath while maintaining their bright white finish.  Available in both full sheet and kiss cut 12” x 18” formats these labels are perfect for shipping, post press cover up applications and primary packaging.  

• Completely cover what’s underneath while delivering a bright white finish
• Available in full sheet and multiple kiss cut formats
• HP Three Star Certified
• FSC Certified
• Indirect Food Safe

Avery Products Corporation


AveryPro™  Clear Glossy Labels with Easy Peel®

Kiss Cut Clear Glossy labels from AveryPro™ have patented Easy Peel technology that allows the end user to easily remove individual labels.  This brand new line of clear labels optimized for HP Indigo presses is available in both full sheet and kiss cut 12” x 18” formats.  The clear material is optimized for bright printing with high print opacity.  When applied to color surfaces the labels deliver a high end look and feel.  These labels are perfect for high end mailing, primary packaging and as printed seals.  

• Easy Peel® labels pop up for easy usage
• Available in full sheet and multiple kiss cut formats
• HP Three Star Certified
• Tear Resistant
• Water Resistant
• FSC Certified
• Indirect Food Safe

B&R Moll Inc.


Delta 7 In-Line Rotary Die-Cutter & Folder/Gluer System

B&R Moll Inc. will be demonstrating their new integrated Delta 7 In-Line Rotary Die-Cutter & Folder/Gluer System at booth #321. We will be die cutting, stripping, folding, and gluing a two up process with a straight line carton on one side and a pillow pack on the other. The Delta 7 System is ideally designed to handle your short and long run jobs whether printed on your HP Indigo 10000/30000 or commercial press. The Delta 7 and Folding/Gluing sections can be ran separately as needed offering unmatched versatility. The Delta 7 is also able to kiss cut labels/stickers and die cut presentation folders, cartons, key card holders, and endless others. The quick and easy changeover is comparable to none. We will also have one of our offline Vantage 720 In-Line Systems showing its ability to produce simple and complex carton folding with the easy changeover.

• Handle up to 30”x24” sheets 
• Die cut and kiss cut stocks from 20lb text up to 22pt cover
• Run multiple up
• USA made
• Heavy duty reinforced frames
• Interlocked electrics with In-Line Folding and Gluing

Book Automation / Meccanotecnica


Universe Sewing

The Universe Sewing machine is a full automatic folder/sewer (Smyth sewing) to create book blocks from  flat sheets, folded signatures, or a combination of both.
Thanks to the combined feeding, the unit allows the personalization of photo books, yearbooks, diaries or religious books, thus opening new opportunities for digital printers.

• Faster: feeding up to 400  sheets per minute and sewing signatures up to 160 cycles/minute.
• Auto programming feature: The new GigaLynxTM Dual Control, checks the correct sequence by reading images or barcodes. The machine can run different jobs on-the-fly.




CARTES GT SERIES introduces an innovative modular assembling concept that identifies an innovative category of modular label machines configurable with hot stamping, silk screen printing, embossing, flexo varnishing, flat die-cutting, rotary die-cutting and LASER die-cutting capable to meet the demands of a constantly evolving industry such as the one of the self-adhesive label.

The technologies applied to the machines of the GT SERIES make them the best option on the market, not only for the finishing, but also for fulfilling complete high value labels with the maximum economy.

Catalina Graphic Films



Catapaque is an 8 mil. Bright white opaque polypropylene film. It has excellent opacity for two0sided printing. It is curl resistant for pop up displays and has superior dimensional stability. 

Catapaque is now available with Catalina's proprietary coating on two sides for indigo printing. 

Delta ModTech


Delta Spectrum Finishing System with optional Embossing/Hot Foil Stamping Capabilities

The Delta ModTech Embossing/Hot foil stamping module may be added to to a Delta Spectrum finishing system. This option allows label manufacturers the ability to emboss/not foil stamp and die cut all in one pass. 

• High Pressure embossing/ Hot Foil Stamping
• Continuous motion
• Minimial foil waste



Cougar Digital Color Copy 

The newly enhanced Cougar Digital Color Copy is now 3-Star Rated and Photo Certified for HP Indigo 5500 series and higher presses.  Its super smooth printing surface and bright white shade provide the perfect canvas for any digital printing project.  

• 3-Star Rated and Photo Certified through RIT’s HP Indigo Certification Program
• Superior Ink Adhesion
• Vibrant Color Reproduction 

Duplo USA


DC-616 PRO Slitter/Cutter/Creaser 

Performing up to 6 slits, 25 cuts and 20 creases in a single pass, the Duplo DC-616 PRO Slitter/Cutter/Creaser removes white borders and prevents toner cracking on digital color documents. Fully automated, the DC-616 PRO finishes full-bleed applications such as greeting cards, invitations, and 24-up business cards without additional modules. 

• Standard PC Controller software for easy setup and unlimited job storage
• Built-in CCD scanner reads barcodes and registration marks for finishing precision
• Standard perforation unit perforates along the length of the sheet

Duplo USA


150Cr System

Incorporating the slitting and creasing functions of the DC-445 Creaser with the stapling, folding, and trimming capabilities of the DBM-150 Bookletmaker, Duplo’s 150Cr System provides an all-in-one solution for full-bleed bookletmaking. Equipped with the Isaberg Rapid stapler and staple cartridge, the DBM-150 Bookletmaker produces high quality, stapled applications on demand.

• In-line creasing and slitting
• Isaberg Rapid stapler and staple cartridge
• Ideal for short-run, full-bleed bookletmaking

Ecological Fibers


Lotus D8005

Lotus Digital D8005 is an Indigo Certified Printable Cloth Product that will service the Book, Packaging and Specialty Print Markets. This paper-backed sheet was developed to allow you Digital printers access to a Digitally Printable Cloth product that is a perfect fit for your Digital Press and Post-Press applications.  

Lotus Digital D8005 is an Indigo Certified Cloth product, Polyester/Cotton base, with paper backing that will allow you to print successfully through your Indigo Digital Press.  After print move directly into bindery and run the material through finishing equipment to add UV treatment, to create covers for books, boxes for packaging or foil stamp to decorate your product. 

Felix Schoeller Digital Media



When Hewlett Packard launched its HP Indigo 7800 Digital Press Felix Schoeller Digital Media presented the specialty paper to match: E-CANVAS -  a real breakthrough on the growing market for high-quality canvas products.
Printing on E-CANVAS with outstanding print results and in large formats up to 32 x 46 cm is now faster and far more economical.

• Premium specialty  canvas for the new HP Indigo 7800
•Specially developed together with Hewlett Packard 
•Faster and far more economical Canvas printing in large formats up to 32 x 46 cm 
• A special coating produces outstanding print results on a genuine canvas material
• Available in matt surface of 340 g per square meter

GM- Grafisk Maskinfabrik


GM DC330Mini v2  Web Finishing Machine

The DC330MIni v2 is a fully integrated converting line for labels and packaging. Equipped with flexo coating, die cutting, slitting and rewind on a compact highly productive platform with the latest servo technologies.  Other equipment for  hot foil stamping, cold foil, screen, sheeting and laser die cutting is also available.

• Higher speed and enhanced frame design
• New lamination rewind for cast and cure or cold foil applications
• Quick coater change-over with easier access
• Increased operator space
• Off-line slitter set-up
• Compact space saving platform compatible to run in-line with hp Indigo press  or off-line

GPA, Specialty Substrate Solutions


Ultra Print® Coated 130# White Gloss & Satin Cover Papers

The addition of 130# Gloss and Satin Cover to our line of Ultra Print™ Cover Papers offers even more options for projects that demand both cost effectiveness and reliable quality. These balanced white papers offer consistent print performance to provide a competitive solution for a diverse range of applications.

• FSC certified
• Manufactured domestically using local resources
• Cross-platform press compatibility
• Available in 18” x 12”, 19” x 13” & 20.8125” x 29.5 sheet sizes for HP Indigo small format and 10000 presses

GPA, Specialty Substrate Solutions


Ultra Digital® 80# Translucent Text

GPA’s Ultra Digital® Translucent Papers are made from pristine cellulose fibers…not with chemical resins or additives like traditional vellum papers. Because of this, they are softer, more flexible and more easily folded. GPA’s naturally translucent paper offers unrivaled quality, adding an elegant finishing touch to a variety of applications. 

• Very soft and flexible
• HP Indigo certified
• FSC certified
• Recyclable & biodegradable
• Acid free & pH neutral
• Oil & grease resistant
• Printable on both sides

Harris & Bruno


ExcelCoat Stacker Sheet Control

A new option on Harris & Bruno’s ExcelCoat line of fully automated or semi-automated offline/inline coaters is the Stacker Sheet Control. This new feature utilizes drive belts & air nozzles to stack large, thin sheets, and substrates with sheet curl. This product is perfect for customers with difficult-to-run substrates.

• Adjustable drive belts put a wave across a substrate that increases rigidity for easier handling
• Air nozzles facilitate substrate movement
• Prevents interference for subsequent sheets  
• Allows for a good, fast stack of substrates

Highcon Systems Ltd. 


Highcon Euclid II+

The Highcon Euclid II+ is the top of the line 2nd generation Euclid digital cutting and creasing machine, the result of valuable production input garnered from Euclid customers worldwide. The Euclid II+ uses Highcon’s patented ‘DART’ (Digital Adhesive Rule Technology) to produce creases, and high-speed laser optics to cut.

• Highcon Integrated Digital Stripping unit
• Optical registration 
• Fine cutting accelerator
• Enhanced Creasing Quality



Standard Horizon RD-4055 Rotary Die Cutter

Standard (Booth 841) and Horizon (Booth 940) are pleased to introduce the RD-4055 Rotary Die Cutter, specially designed to meet the growing demand for short-run die-cut product at an affordable price. The RD-4055 can die-cut, crease, perforate, slit, hole punch, and round corner in one process on a wide range of applications for digital and offset printed sheets. Die-cutting and kiss-cutting can be performed simultaneously for sticker and label production. Creasing is also available for applications that require additional folding after die-cutting, such as boxes, pocket folders, and greeting cards. 

The RD-4055 features easy change-over and simple operation with intuitive touchscreen controls to reduce costly labor steps and increase productivity. A repeat register function allows multiple-up applications from a single die pattern to minimize costs. The system runs at speeds up to 6,000 cycles/hour on sheet sizes up to 15.74” x 21.65”.

Standard Horizon is offering a show special for Dscoop members only. Purchase the RD-4055 Die Cutter and receive a free LDK-4055 Optional Lower Die Kit for creasing and scoring applications – over a $2,000 value!



HP Indigo WS6800 Digital Press

The third generation of the best-selling HP Indigo WS6000 Digital Press series offers label and packaging converters faster turnaround times through automated color management, a wider frame and new ink capabilities for expanded applications including pressure-sensitive labels, in-mold labeling and shrink sleeves.

• Automated color management

• Wider frame

• New ink capabilities



HP Indigo 7800 Digital Press

A sheet-fed press that offers print service providers (PSPs) a range of new capabilities, including the ability to print directly on synthetic substrates and plastic cards, and a new color management experience with an in-line spectrophotometer.

• Ability to print directly on synthetic substrates and plastic cards

• New color management experience with in-line spectrophotometer

Iggesund Paperboard 


Upgraded Invercote G C1S 

Iggesund will enhance its folding carton media offering by adding a light reverse side coating to its Invercote G C1S which will provide better print quality while at the same time maintaining the tactile feel of an uncoated substrate. The enhancement is a response to demand from packaging designers.

• More consistent ink density in printed solids-no mottle
• Better overall print quality-crisper images
• Less shade variance from print side to reverse side-whiteness
• Faster ink drying times
• Better ink holdout-less ink
• Less glue
• Better flatness and dimensional stability
• Fewer press passes to achieve desired uniformity of color reproduction

Imaging Solutions AG



A fully automatic book block maker, the compact fastBook10CF produces premium Layflat book blocks from single sheets with or without cardboard. With integrated creasing and folding, the fastBook10CF makes photo books, calendars or design postcards at least 3 times faster than manual production. The machine is easy to operate and saves working time as well as production costs.

• Automatic feeding of single sheets and cardboards for premium photo products
• Integrated creasing and folding for fast production
• No additional expensive adhesive foils needed
• Hot melt technology allows same day shipment of photo books
• 3 times faster than manual production - saves working time and capacity
• Easy to operate via touchscreen

Imaging Solutions AG



The miniFrame is a fully automatic canvas stretching and mounting system for small formats from 10 x 10 cm (4" x 4") up to 30 x 30 cm (12" x 12"). It mounts around 100 canvases per hour and needs about 25 seconds per frame, depending on the size.

• Automated stretching and mounting of small size canvas prints
• Up to 5 times faster than manual production
• Consistently high quality and precision of framing
• Produces cost-effectively top-quality mounted canvases
• Easy to operate, saves working time and capacity



KAMA FlexFold 52

The KAMA FlexFold 52 is the first folder-gluer especially designed for Short-run Folding Carton Production. Thanks to its automated set-up (patent-pending), the solution provides uniquely quick job changes. The FlexFold 52 completes the end2end-Workflow of HP Indigo 30000 and KAMA DC 76AS die cutter – delivering high-quality folding cartons for the cosmetic, food and pharma industry.

• Folding and Gluing of straight-line boxes, automatic boxes, slip-lid boxes
•  Automated set-up for Speedy Changeover (Patent-pending)
•  Fast Job Change
•  Ideal for Short-runs, Versioning , multiple SKU’s
•  Gluing line Inspection with reject unit
•  Network Integration (JDF, SmartStream)
•  Compact Design (space-saving)



Mid Web Flexible Packaging Combination Laminator with Solventless & Water Based Technology.

Karlville Group under the Webcontrol brand, offers for mid-web lamination a compact, reliable combination laminator with trolleys for solventless or water based adhesives, providing precise coating weight consistency. The proven 5 roller solventless coating trolley is easily interchangeable to a gravure trolley for water based coating, allowing lamination for a wide variety of substrates. An in-line coating weight measuring system improves weight adjustment dramatically and allows quick coat weight adjustment.

The machine is Compact, Flexible, High Technology, Fast Change-Over with trolley Design and Precise with Online Coat Weight Measurement System.  

Legion Paper


Mirri Sparkle

Mirri Sparkle is a high quality metallic film laminated to a premium white backed folding box board with a distinctive 'glitter' texture that sparkles in the light. The surface of the film is treatable with print, as well as other print finishing options, from foil blocking to screen processes. 

Distinctive 'glitter' texture, high-end packaging product, metallic luster and shimmer, fairly smooth, create your own color sparkle. 



Michelman DigiPrime 050 (DP050) for the HP Indigo 20000 and Michelman DigiPrime 060 (DP060) for the HP Indigo 30000

LexJet introduces new in-line primers: Michelman DigiPrime 050 (DP050) for the HP Indigo 20000 and Michelman DigiPrime 060 (DP060) for the HP Indigo 30000. They are available through LexJet's distribution centers to ensure shorter lead times, lower shipping costs, and less hassle with winter shipping.

DigiPrime 050 prepares film and metallized film for printing to improve the transfer and adhesion of HP Indigo Electroinks to the substrate, and is suitable for use in food packaging. DigiPrime 060 improves ink transfer and adhesion for paperboard and metallized paperboard used in folding box and carton printing with the HP Indigo 30000.



HTML5 Creos Designer 

This new creation tools can support a wide range of products including photobooks, cards, calendars as well as home décor and gifts items. Using the same back-end as other Mediaclip components, the solution offers project portability between devices while providing the same connectivity with social media platforms and cloud-services. 

• Responsive user interface for online and mobile devices 
• Rich user experience with professional designs and photorealistic product previews 
• Uses the same back-end components and content as other Mediaclip tools 
• Connects to third party services (photo access, optimization tools, stock images, etc…)
• Allows 4 types of sharing and other powerful merchandising tools 



MindFire Studio, Web-Based Visual Analytics

MindFire Studio’s Analytics Dashboard allows marketing service providers to have a detailed and insightful view of their marketing campaign’s results. With the ability to analyze your campaign’s metrics in real time, you can make relevant, data-driven decisions to improve your campaign’s success. At the end of your campaign, simply send your client a direct link to view the results on their smartphone, tablet, or desktop. To learn more about MindFire’s marketing automation software visit or stop by booth 601 at DscoopX.

• Provide web-based access to your clients without requiring them to enter the Studio portal
• Mobile friendly
• Drill-down features for a very detailed view of results
• Adaptable presentation of results including graphs, charts, histograms, and more

Nekoosa Coated Products


Synaps OM Pressure Sensitive

Synaps OM® Pressure Sensitive is a self-adhesive polyester film engineered for offset, HP Indigo and UV inkjet printing platforms. It's waterproof and resistant to grease, chemicals and other liquids, making Synaps® OM Pressure Sensitive great for both indoor and outdoor applications on clean, smooth surfaces. 

• Dries quickly without the need for special inks…just like uncoated paper.
• Waterproof, tear-proof and weather resistant to holdup in the toughest indoor and outside conditions.
• Polyester facestock prevents distortion on press for superb print registration.
• Perfect for posters, point-of-purchase signage, window graphics and counter mats.



Pageflex Storefront 8.5

Pageflex  Storefront is known for having the most extensive feature set of any web-to-print solution on the market today. With Pageflex’s award winning composition engine under the hood, you can offer your customers powerful online customization, combined with an assortment of e-commerce and workflow capabilities suitable for virtually any market and customer. 

At Dscoop, Pageflex will be highlighting the latest version of Storefront. New features for document customization, API based extensions for integrations with other products and solutions, and underlying architectural enhancements take this award winning product to the next level. All Dscoop attendees will be eligible for a 20% discount on a new Pageflex Storefront license – a value of $6,000+.



New Editor Customization

Pixfizz Cloud-to-Printäis an innovative provider of a cloud-based PaaS (Platform as a Service), white label solution enabling companies and brands to create and sell high value photographic products via customized online storefronts. Pixfizz hosts and manages all servers, software, updates, administration, capacity planning, backups and security.

The new customisation capabilities of the Pixfizz Editor allows customers to optimize their own branding and user experiences. These include color schemes, icons, image sources, tool tips, etc., to enable brands to personalize their storefronts and to differentiate themselves more competitively. And with the Pixfizz Application Programming Interface (API), customers are able to integrate to a growing list of third party applications and services, creating more opportunities for them to operate and sell. These include payment gateways, e-Commerce solutions, social media, mobile devices, workflow solutions, marketing automation products, or their own customized solution. The solution already supports native integrations with Facebook, Instagram and Dropbox allowing users to pull photos from their online accounts.



Responsive Editor to Run on Smartphones

Pixfizz Cloud-to-Printäis an innovative provider of a cloud-based PaaS (Platform as a Service), white label solution enabling companies and brands to create and sell high value photographic products via customized online storefronts. Pixfizz hosts and manages all servers, software, updates, administration, capacity planning, backups and security.

The Pixfizz Responsive Editor is built in HTML5 and runs on almost any modern web browser or can be embedded within a native app with an ‘in app browser’, thereby optimizing user experience. The new responsive capability automatically adapts the Pixfizz Editor’s size and creative functionality to the device being used. This functionality now extends to iOS and Android smartphones. With the Pixfizz Local Up-loader, images are imported directly from the browser to quickly view them in the Editor to design and create the product without the need to first wait for long uploads.

Rollem International


Delta 5

The Delta 5 by Rollem is a new rotary sheet-fed flexo-magnetic die cutter ideal for on-demand digital products. Delta performs die cutting, kiss cutting and creasing on a range of substrates up to 0.22 board. Produce folded boxes, labels, stickers, shaped photo products and presentation folders with one of the three Delta models. See the Delta 5 in action producing boxes, sticker sheets, round cornered business cards and door hangars. 

Features include quick job changeover, ease of operation and an economical price point. Delta offers three model sizes including Delta 5 – 20x15”, Delta 6- 24x24” and Delta 7 – 30x24”, ideal for use with HP 10,000 & 30,000 packaging presses. Available with in-line folding/gluing for a complete packaging production line. 

- Heavy duty construction made in U.S.A.
- Process 20 lb. paper to 0.22 board, adhesives, various substrates and even aluminum
- Customizable to meet your specific requirements
- Unique features to handle challenging applications



Scodix Ultra Pro™

The Scodix Ultra Pro™ is designed to operate with variety of polymers (Polymer Ink types), this allows variety of applications. Up to 3 different applications are supported in one digital enhancement press. Scodix High Impact –The height of the Scodix SENSE™ enhancement is what gives tangible dimension to graphic printed items. 

• Up to 1,250 B2+ sheets per hour 
• UV Fixed-Array inkjet technology. 
• B2+Format (545 x 788 mm / 21.5 x 31 in) 
• Scodix polymer can reach a height of up to 250 microns, 100 times higher than conventional selective varnish.
• Scodix Variable Density – Unlimited variety of densities – the ability to vary the density of the polymer. from 1-100% in a single pass adds tangible depth, dimensions and texture to images and text.
• Scodix SPOT™ printing, allowing short run, digital silk screen flat effect
• Variable Data Printing supported by Barcode
• Scodix Twin-Tray™ (TT) Technology ensuring high accuracy of printing.
• Automatic OPA Positioning System – Optical Print Aliments for 100% registration accuracy. 
• Scodix RSP™:  Rotate, Scale, Position- 4 CCD dedicated cameras and software algorithms for pinpoint accuracy.



X-350 Laser Module

Spartanics introduces the X-350 Laser Module, engineered to be fully integrated with Smag Graphique’s line of modular label converting systems*.   The X-350 can be configured with a 200 watt or 400 watt laser, automatic job changover, camera registration and the Spartanics Fastline Laser Cutting Software.   *Spartanics is the exclusive North American Distributor for Smag Graphique. 

The X-350 combined with Smag Graphique’s E-Cut and Digital Galaxie Converting Solutions provide customers with a complete digital label converting line.  Options include:  semi-rotary die cutting, full or semi-rotary varnish station, lamination, slitter rewinder, flatbed screen printing, semi-rotary foil, flatbed die cutting, flatbed foil/embossing and in-line sheeting. 

Spiel Associates


Digital Bindery and Finishing Equipment

Spiel Associates will be showcasing America’s
newest, favorite perfect binder, The Sterling Digibinder Plus. Like the table top Digibinder, the machine is totally self-adjusting and can bind up to 360 BPH up to 2.25” thick. Also on hand will be the new Sterling Coilmaster Jr. TS, the first automatic table top plastic coil binder, capable of binding up 600 BPH. The Sterling Digipunch is the first, computer controlled, automatic punch. The touch screen allows for automatic set up and changeovers. The machine can punch up to 72,000 sheets per hour.

The STERLING® COILMASTER JR. TS is a compact, economical solution for high speed plastic coil binding. Bind books up to 25mm in diameter at speeds of up to 600 books per hour with round or oval holes. The TS stands for the new Touch Screen which facilitates the ease of set up.




Pinchbooks™ are beautiful, professional hard cover books with a unique patented pinch binding that offers easy assembly and the flexibility to add and remove pages on demand. No equipment or glues are required! Simply pull back the cover and the spring-clamp opens up; insert the pages, and it snaps back together. 

• No Equipment Required
• Sizes for both Photo Book and Business Presentations
• Perfect On-Demand product for the exploding Photo Market
• Unique product that is exciting!



Standard Horizon RD-4055 Rotary Die Cutter

Standard (Booth 841) and Horizon (Booth 940) are pleased to introduce the RD-4055 Rotary Die Cutter, specially designed to meet the growing demand for short-run die-cut product at an affordable price. The RD-4055 can die-cut, crease, perforate, slit, hole punch, and round corner in one process on a wide range of applications for digital and offset printed sheets. Die-cutting and kiss-cutting can be performed simultaneously for sticker and label production. Creasing is also available for applications that require additional folding after die-cutting, such as boxes, pocket folders, and greeting cards. 

The RD-4055 features easy change-over and simple operation with intuitive touchscreen controls to reduce costly labor steps and increase productivity. A repeat register function allows multiple-up applications from a single die pattern to minimize costs. The system runs at speeds up to 6,000 cycles/hour on sheet sizes up to 15.74” x 21.65”.

Standard Horizon is offering a show special for Dscoop members only. Purchase the RD-4055 Die Cutter and receive a free LDK-4055 Optional Lower Die Kit for creasing and scoring applications – over a $2,000 value!

Taopix Limited


Taopix Online and Mobile 

Taopix Online: Customisable photo gift web application, now available across mobile, tablet and large screen devices. Businesses can create, sell, deliver and manage a quality user experience from design to order and print to ship. With mobile optimised shopping carts and powerful marketing tools.

• Online template creation
• Designer application 
• Seamless user journeys - consumers can buy bespoke photo gifts in few clicks
• Powerful shopping cart
• Customer order tracker tool 
• Flexible Production module
• Control Centre – control branding, pricing, products, templates, tax, shipping
• Supports Facebook, Flick’r, Instagram 

Tekra, A Division of EIS, Inc.


Tekra 10 Mil JetView Latex White Translucent Matte/Gloss Polycarbonate Backlit Film

Versatile film illuminates our JetView line! Tekra’s news JetView™ Latex White matte/gloss Polycarbonate Film is optimized to work with latex technology for superior performance and ink anchorage.  Approved for the HP Latex 3000; It is printable on the matte and gloss side, allowing flexibility, speed and optimum optics for your productions. 

• Excellent latex Ink Adhesion including inks with heavy solids.
• Ability to print gloss or matte side.
• 10 mil gauge versus many 7 to 8 mil coated polyester competitive films. 
• Quick and immediate adhesion with immediate dry time.
• Vibrancy across the color spectrum

THERM-O-TYPE Corporation


RAS-mc right angle slitter

The RAS-mc is the only right angle slitter that combines high speed productivity with product size flexibility. The RAS-mc can be configured with inline scoring, on the right angle section, for folded cards. Auto adjust cassettes can also be added to further increase product size flexibility.
More info at

RAS-mc features include: quick change tooling cassettes, offset press style feeder, double feed detect interface, delivery conveyor, scoring option, auto adjust cassettes option, 14" x 20" maximum sheet size, centerline paper path, up to 6,000 sheets per hour and compact footprint. 
Optional scoring features: micro score position and depth adjustments.

Twist Print Corporation


Twist Print

Twist Print is a software that revolutionizes how the graphics industry is managed.  Our digital and offset print facility – Twist Lab - processes more than 800 orders per month. Here each software solution is tested, validated and enhanced with continuous improvement for our customers benefit.

• Affordable solution for small and medium size companies
• First Plug & Play Software 100% cloud based
• Control your projects with Easy-to-use modules for quoting, production, inventory, supplier management, deliveries and invoicing.
• The final solution to process automation and to get real- time productivity information from pre-press, press and post- press
• Sales and Production Dashboard with key indicators that empower both managers and operators to make better decisions in real time.

Ultimate TechnoGraphics


Impostrip Automation v.9.0

Impostrip Automation means lights out, hands-free, true reliable optimization and automation of your imposition tasks. If you are considering a digital print environment, web-to-print opportunity, increasing your profitability, and if you simply want to do more with the same resources, Impostrip is the tool for you. Visit Ultimate TechnoGraphics booth to learn more.

Impostrip Automation optimizes and automates your imposition. V.9.0’s 'Universal XML Mapper' eases the usage of XML/JDF by facilitating the connectivity with other software components. V9 allows the display and usage of HP Indigo's Print Queues from within Impostrip. V9 includes a list of additions for JDF connectivity and Job Ganging.

Verso Corporation


Coated Digital Papers

Verso and NewPage are now Verso Corporation 
Two Respected Paper Manufacturers. One Powerful New Resource. We invite you to stop by Booth 717 as Verso continues to focus on the digital print market and align the grades you know to better meet the needs of digital press owners. Since our last encounter at DSCOOP 9, our Blazer Digital offering has been expanded with the addition of a 70 lb. text and larger sheet sizes for the HP Indigo 10000.  Be sure to pick up a copy of Ed #16 Digital Possibilities, released in September 2014. The newest brochure in the popular “Ed® series explores the growth and expanding print capabilities of digital printing.

Blazer Digital
• The new Blazer Digital 70 lb. gloss and satin finishes are available in 12 x 18 and 13 x 19 cartons; and the HP 10000 size 29.5 x 20.75 packed in press ready skids. The product is regionally stocked and readily available to be mixed with other Verso grades and shipped the same day they are ordered.
 Ed #16, Digital Possibilities brochure
• With offset-level quality and almost limitless ability to personalize to your target, the realm of possibility has exploded. With new print techniques like metallic inks, varnishes, embossed-like dimensionality, ultraviolet ink and more, digital printing is winning over even the biggest skeptics. And with the convergence of data, GPS and other technologies, the realm of possibility has exploded for targeted, highly personalized print strategies.  

Wausau Coated Products, Inc.


Allure™ Wine Label Products

Allure™, a new collection of specialty wine label products, features a pearlescent finish on a variety of facestocks.  Select from a palette of colors and textures to create a distinctive and elegant wine label.  Allure™ products are an excellent choice for prestigious wine labeling.

• Optimized for HP Indigo presses
• Manufactured w/Wet Strength properties to increase performance in an ice bucket
• Many are FSC® Certified
• Performs well under a variety of printing techniques including foil stamping, embossing and die-cutting
• Custom Allure™ wine labels can be created based upon customer specific requests and needs




XMPie announces uMerge, a subscription based personalization plug-in to Adobe InDesign desktop that is compatible with Adobe CC. uMerge is a designer-focused personalization solution that brings the full creative value of XMPie InDesign-based personalization without the complications associated with managing batch composition. With uMerge more InDesign professionals will drive personalization.   

uMerge enables designers creating InDesign dynamic documents.   Tag any object in your InDesign document – Text, Graphic Frames, Styles, etc. – and make it dynamic. Link to a data source, such as MS Excel, and map content to tagged objects. Preview / Print individualized documents. Batch produce through your XMPie service provider.